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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Busted!... Anguilla's CCTV is Corrupted

He is Busted!!!!

I KNEW IT!!! – I KNEW IT!!! – I KNEW IT!!!

A new phenomenon sweeps our nation sending Anguillians into hysteria. It is now Official – the High Court on Anguilla held that Ian Donaldson Mitchell (IDM), QC (questionable character) is a ‘threat to honesty’ – meaning a ‘corrupt individual’. This Unethical, Libelous/Slanderous poop is now officially coronated - ‘Corrupt-de-Don’. Ground supervisors at the Bethel Methodist Church have reported signs of earth movement around his cousin, Rev. Leonard Carty’s grave.

It is alleged that some 2½ years ago, Corrupt-de-Don tried to strategically land as Parliamentary Speaker, his cousin’s job, through blackmail and misfortune causing chaos and spreading mistrust on the United Front’s Government; if his application for the position of Anguilla’s first Deputy Governorship was futile. Interestingly, Corrupt-de-Don admitted to such allegations on his blog under the heading ‘Bribery’ dated 15 July 2008, where he declared his devious intention to derail stability on Anguilla - “I am retired now, and there is little they can do to harm me.”

This plot was discussed at a family’s party, in which Mr. David Carty, Parliamentary Speaker, vehemently refused and warned Corrupt-de-Don about his impious devices and not to hold him [David] responsible for any consequences suffered and as such, cut ties and ended his relations with Corrupt-de-Don.

Greed can be nature based… that can be eradicated from generations through education. Sadly so, Corrupt de-Don’s generation stops at him… he hates kids. Cynically believing that retirement means invincibility; the court found him GUILTY on LIBEL CHARGES or ‘MALICIOUSLY SCANDALING FALSEHOOD’ on the Government’s and Citizens’ of Anguilla reputation - trumped-up corruption, a claim he failed to prove.

Ian Donaldson Mitchell ought to be treated as a high-risk inmate in a secured mental institution. This ignored waste-of-nine-months seriously threatens our economic future and sustainability. I have long advocated that Ian Donaldson Mitchell is nothing more than an Innuendoist, Racist (22 June 2008, ‘Entrepreneurship’), Propagandist, and a Chauvinistic 'Learnt' Zombie; while I still weep for what I believe to be a litany of Miscarriages of Justice in his trail. This result has confirmed it all - his actions should have been curtailed years ago.

Imagine the heaviness and embarrassment that our Hon Madame Justice Janice George-Creque had to succumb - subconsciously at war: “phucken idiot - why put mi in ya shyte.” To be honest, it had to be tedious and inconvenient to rule against this idiot, especially as a respected former colleague. But this puke deserves every effort involved in finding him culpable.

The legal fraternity on Anguilla is nausea to convulsion with such an embarrassing and despicable debacle displayed by their first ‘learnt’ friend as Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Judge, though envisionary Affirmative Action, and wonders how such archetype may have blighted future qualified prospects.

Now anyone can officially label this ‘past-honourable’, now nincompoop, Ian Donaldson Mitchell QC… Corrupt – without fear.

It is a sad day for Anguilla, the Caribbean and the British authorities.

Anguilla’s ‘Chief Corruption Tsar Version’ (CCTV) is Corrupt!

Another British Crook-Trustee… he must be Dishonoured!

What a disgrace!

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