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Sunday, 1 March 2009

Anguilla’s political worst nightmare is a visionless Opposition

For the vast majority of our electorate, the exercise of crafting a manifesto is a complete waste of time and talent if its vision and mission are used for nothing but being a publication. One of the chief reasons for the failure of missions and visions to achieve the desired objective is the naiveté of most politicians.

On Anguilla, most opposition politicians have been constantly on a mission – to oust government; most times confusing destructive criticism with vision. The roles of the heads of departments become platform-gossip by opposition politicians rather than debating real issues and solutions. For example, policing techniques and the hospital X-Ray machine issue are the roles of our technocrats. Though government maybe accountable and responsible for such issues – these issues do not constitute the term ‘Vision’ and entertained childish political gossip.

Vision is not stating the obvious. You want vision to state the exceptional and extraordinary, to boast of your edge-teetering leaps of faith, and the wild dreamings of every possibility you want explored every single day. You need them to create chatter, thrilled whispers, passionate debate and evangelism. You want people inside and outside your organization to talk about them constantly because they are fascinating, enticing, and enthralling. You couldn’t possibly contain their passion on your party’s bulletin board if you tried.

Let your vision be controversial as they beg discussion and explanation. Let it be - how will we make a difference in improving the quality of life itself? How can we work on only what really matters to us, and to everyone? Why is it that this world can’t possibly be a great place without the magic we work? Why is it that we are so special, so damned good, and so fanatically courageous?

Your vision should be what the future looks like because you have succeeded your mission so exceedingly well. It then becomes somewhat of a moving target; when we have nearly arrived at it, we are in the throes of writing a new vision, and the process begins again. However, previous vision needs to be acknowledged when achieved, for in effect it has become our new standard of excellence, and in all likelihood it has become one of our defining moments.

Invoking that you are ordained is blasphemy and psychosis… and surely not vision. Yes… though God may use from amongst us, the dumb to lead (if you believe) – he does not reward laziness and ignorance. The reality is why after 40 years should Anguillians elect unqualified legislators is beyond comprehension and no excuse. Why should those who are decent enough and qualified to serve, hold dear their reputations, if not their livelihoods and/or their lives?

The world; by extension Anguilla, maybe in a panic yes; and we may not like all the ways that government has functioned thus far. But the idea that government doesn’t care and is having no role, and to suggest that government is a problem, corrupted, earmarks, wasteful spending - is just a form of nihilism. It is just not where Anguilla is; it is not where the future of Anguilla is going; and I think this is blatant contempt, insane and a disaster for the opposition.

The electorates are not foolish – therefore, be creative even controversial, and think out of the box. Here are a few:

  • Increase taxation. (This is a must regardless to who gets in power)
  • A nationalized but properly regulated full-fleet Anguillian airline service (critical)
  • New banking protection regulations. Repossessions must be solely on contract and market value percentage basis. Meaning: on repossession, remuneration must be strictly equal amounts distributed as invested. Since it’s your risk to borrow; it must be their risk to repossess. (Banking Laws are considered to be an unfair and immoral)
  • Government ‘fully’ finances nationals’ Distant Learning Education from United Kingdom Universities and the University of the West Indies provided that the student is fully employed on Anguilla for the duration of his/her study. (Even the United Kingdom government is doing more for its territories nationals’ education than the territories governments doing for its own nationals)

Remember that dishonesty… though may assist your mission, is not novelty… and is surely not vision.

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“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” – MLK.