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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Why am I status-quo?

The oppositions do not seem to have ideas, inspirations or individuals who can combine effectively to confront the Anguilla United Front (AUF) brand of democracy. They have almost subordinated their thinking and tactics to the AUF’s rather than being novice in their approach or having no principled stand over any issue.

They are disorganized with deep-seated disunity and mistrust between the groupings.

They have resolved themselves to the party of ‘NO’ at any cost - with the ‘I don’t kNOw’ alternative policy regarding how to solve any nagging problems. There is no coherent alternative approach; instead they all are simply wasting time pouncing on the government on matters of tactics and minor hair-cracks and leaks rather than supplying real solid solutions or some other visionary complement.

How insignificantly more must the Opposition felt, where in the face of its destructive criticisms on irrelevant accusations on government’s fiscal irresponsibility; the United Kingdom Government still find it prudent to complement government’ foresight.

And the NOs go on with the I don’t kNOw alternative or introductory legislation on: the Port Authority; the Proceeds of Crime Bill; the stalled Planning Bill; Employment Protection Legislation with a National Minimum Wage; Consumer Protection Legislations etc.

There are various issues on economic, social and other fronts where the Government does not have clarity of policies. Sadly though, our Oppositions do not have the self-confidence to challenge the government on its all round failures.

An opposition, which wants to persuade the electorate that it ought to be in a position of power, has the obligation to be pragmatistic; come up with real alternative policies, ideas and vision; and must not be devoid of new ideas or creative thinking if they feel that the Government of Anguilla has a poor dismal record.

A failure in all these areas concludes that our Oppositions do not have intellectual clarity, the vision or the political maturity to tell the government that the overall security of the country is intrinsically linked with good governance.

But they brag and boast about their greed assures - their personal achievements through detriments of their victims’ derailments. So what have they done for you lately - never assist always desist, no admiration only rejection. Disunited and disorganized as be; they are not fit to lead neither you nor me.

They have simply sit idle-by - waiting and watching for the government to stumble from one mess to another… then destructively criticize.

Tell me why must I waste my vote on them set of losers?

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