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Wednesday, 26 May 2010


The intelligent Mr. Statchel Warner (former Road South Anguilla National Alliance’s candidate) once accurately written the Hon. Hubert Hughes' Biography a few years ago, describing it as empty (a well colourful decorated text-cover but completely empty in content).

The reality is dejavu as Anguilla is experiencing an empty political era liken the tunnel of light of near death experience. And when we turn our backs and walk away, the same old politics wins every time - the dreamwork visionless Hubert Hughes' confused nutshell mentality fear-mongering approach - decades of disrespectfully blaming the British and belittling our intelligence; incompetence; false starts; disunity; and trials and failures delivering failed leadership and government.

Or is it Amnesia?

The Hon. Edison Baird is unhappy and is threatening to resign; and blaming his friend, Mr. Victor F. Banks (former Hon. Minister of Finance), for not responding to his SOS which resulted this lame-duck administration. While the Parliamentary Secretary, the Hon. Haydn Hughes - responsible for misinformation, lies, propaganda, rumours and innuendoes - dictatorially runs every ministry and doggedly persuading the Hon. Jerome Roberts (Opposition MP) to cross the floor with the expectation of an AUM Government’s eventual demise.

There is no creativeness or initiative; no teamwork; no accountability or responsibility; no transparency or leadership; no respect; no objectivity or honesty... in essence - no good governance.

Then there is the unelected “Bloviation Committee” (JAPCY): Josie, Assie, Percie, Cliffie and yanchie – the disaster recipe!

And as the AUM Administration continues to explore the Waste Management Industry (national immeasurable garbage cleanup) as their legacy to jumpstart our economy - the Hon. Hubert Hughes starts his planned five-year taxpayers’ Retreats across the globe.

A disaster reincarnated!

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