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Tuesday, 11 May 2010


The global economic crisis has hit Anguillians especially hard - many are still suffering from high unemployment, with our community hit nearly twice as hard as the rest of the Caribbean; and an empty visionless AUM Administration leading the suffering.

Unless this lame-duck Administration does something big to create new jobs — and soon — the situation would just keep getting worse. Each wasted day, and endless more in store, means more lost jobs, more homes and property taken away, and an embarrassment to the rest of the world as we remain stagnant; all of which will drag the economy down even further.

With a visionless AUM Administration and the will of the people swept aside, we’ve seen too well what happens. Corruption and incompetence paralyze our government, Anguilla’s ability to move forward is diminishing, and the fundamental fairness of our society diminishes to benefit a few.

Sound familiar?

Where are the accountability, transparency, restoring moral leadership and good-governance you were elected to lead? Change is a movement of people willing to step up and take personal responsibility – or was it misspoken for “rein”.

With all the straws harvested... where is the gold?

To be disenfranchised is a curse!

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