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Monday, 22 November 2010


A fact summary:

“You are irresponsible people – immature - paying very little in return for living in a civilized world, with roads, airport, government buildings, fire and police protection, public libraries, good schools, hospital and clinics and much more. Or are you still living in the jungle, where it's every man, woman and child for themselves – chaos, anarchy, violence and lawlessness?

The problem is that your government (Anguilla United Movement) while envisioning its permanence in opposition, has successfully propagandized against paying taxes for decades, and has duped your supporters that they don't get anything for their taxes; while the cowardly Anguilla United Front opposition sat in government with its corporate lackeys in silence, and went along with your charade.

The reality is that all you crooks know how crucial to society, to civilization, to a functioning government, community and country a strong system of revenue is... but were too greedy, irresponsible and arrogant to want to pay your fair share; apparently anticipating scavenging our resources, community, time and abilities.

And as reality lurks, good governance has been muffled as present and future governments must recapture and reframe this imminent issue, with the phobia of losing an election when it comes to increasing revenue to help your community and your country.

We are demanding to government, politicians, influence-peddlers and lackeys alike... it's time to grow up and get serious with reality on Anguilla. You must pay your fair share for the things that you as a society enjoy and that are crucial to your success as a nation and as a People.”

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