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Friday, 19 November 2010


It could be easily concluded that the behavior of this government is erratic to say the very least, and so it is not easy to anticipate where we are headed as a country in the immediate future. From statistical data we understand that the country continues on a steep and steady decline. The electorate must take careful note that nothing has changed since this government took office in spite of the extreme rhetoric from the AUM political campaign. Time is actually running out for this government to produce, considering the energy placed on controversial issued that does in no way contribute to the status-quo. We are all, not really surprised, but taken aback to see the chaos the country is faced with today.

It is very clear that the AUM team is grossly unprepared to govern, they, without doubt have misconstrued the enormous task of governing the country. It has been a decade since our Chief Minister has functioned in an executive capacity and has failed to recognize the necessary adjustments he needs to make to effectively function. Anguilla must be proud of a well qualified and equipped civil service, so it is questionable why government keeps on trying to depreciate their service to the country. The Honorable Chief Minister “misses the point” to assume that the mindset of the Anguilla people are still in the era of the sixties, he fails to understand that with a more educated electorate and more so, civil service provides the island with more independent minds and a better capacity to function more independently. The Chief Minister should be reminded that his vindictive approach to rule is not an acceptable practice today; this brings into question his behavior with the honorable Edison Baird, being the most well prepared minister that can contribute to a better government. In the absence of a well oiled governing machine on the island, it is without doubt hurting all of us and is in fact beginning to make the island look ridiculous on the regional stage.

This government has done nothing by means of strategic planning or innovative thinking to advance our footprint into the future. The hostility between the extreme elements of power, the Governor and Chief Minister is actually a work in progress for the AUM government; the extra ordinary visibility of the Governor in the governing process fills the void of a progressive Government failing to set a course for the island. From the outset this government failed to address the people on the state of affairs instead, the Chief Minister came in with an onslaught of threats and allegations even against the British whom he blamed foremost for the economic situation of the island, vowing to collect reparation. So in my judgment, the Governor is very courageous, and well within his jurisdiction to act. It would have done this government well if they had invited the Caricom delegation here under different circumstances, perhaps to do an urgent assessment of the state of affairs of the country and assist, because when a government is elected, they go to work, and the first order of business is to have a clear analysis of where the country is, where is it we want to go, and how are we getting there. This must be conveyed in the best possible way to the people. To invite them here to lecture the Governor on his constitutional rights, and a matter that could be settled with adequate prudence and protocol appears to be a characterization of the problem, which is exactly the case. These are the remarks of the Chief Minister to one of is puppet radio stations, “The Governor continues to work with the opposition to try to prevent the normal flow of economic development for Anguilla. Because as long as he occupies my time with gossip and conspiracies, I am not able to concentrate on the real business and that is to get the economy back on stream which they have destroyed. “Pure and utter nonsense.” Such talk is clear enough that there is nothing on the desk of the Chief Minister. If the Caricom delegation took the opportunity to visited the internet site “AXAreality” they would be shocked to realize the level of disrespect our Chief Minister has racked up in short, while The Governor is very well regarded for the quality of his work.

There is an obvious vacuum in the function of government and it is astonishing that this has not been recognized from the inside, but is rightfully recognized by the Governor this is the only reason for his pro-active conduct. In a conversation with a top class civil servant days ago he said “it’s our duty to run the island right irrespective to the political climate.” Our Chief Minister must be more diplomatic with his language, and must measure his speech with more sensitivity and government must function with a better degree of diplomacy that would transfer into a better administration. The energy used up on the ongoing controversy should be used to work together in the interest of the people, because certainly this Governor will leave the island at some point and sure enough another will come, as long as Mr. Hughes remains in this position we will continue to have this issue, because this is actually a continuation where he left off in 1999. Mr. Hughes and his government are “missing the point” one again, the lack of statesmanship and innovative leadership together with the adherence to protocol will continue to reduce the governing process to chaos demonstrated by a the lack of a clear vision for the country, The Governor has emerged as the country’s de-factor leader by the abyss created in the terrible performance by this government.

By: ejharrisxm

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