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Sunday, 28 November 2010


In my last posting I tried to underscore, that in spite of all the forceful rhetoric of AUM in the campaign, and promises made, after almost one year in office nothing has changed on the island. They should have come in with a knockout punch and put AUF to shame, that has not happened. We are still faced with severe problems and becoming progressively worse. Our health care situation is of grave concern to everyone, likewise the economic situation, while we have government being embroiled in a protracted battle with the Governor since taking office, a side show of disregard and disrespect and elements within the government screaming, “anti-AUM.” Is that really so? Personally I am not anti anything; I am pro-government, pro-country whether that is AUF or AUM. People want to support their government when they are doing the right things, government must govern to ensure that a better country emerges and the people are better off. With public gestures like “this government is unable to accomplish anything” because there is a monster in the room. The shadow of AUF and Victor Banks, and, “The Governor” sucks up all of the air.

In my opinion, the current impasse is not handled with the highest degree of statesmanship or within the competence of our constitutional framework. The people are looking for leadership, and do not expect to be lead into “a culture of disrespect.” With loose language, insulting gestures and carrying on a civil war on the interior. When put in context, the question must be asked, where is the standard we uphold? This government wants to be controversial; “There is honor in compromise if your objective is met.” There must be public critique to indicate those areas of public displeasure. The Deputy Governor, is an Anguillian and occupies a high office, if found effective in the execution of his duties, that is something for us all to be proud of, I dear say, it appears that much of this conflict is clearly the enormous intellectual gap between the legislative body and the administering body of the country with no common ground insight. Only this AUM government would frame a comparison and assume that our national profile would be illuminated with the distinguished and honorable person of Mr. Evan Gumbs as Honorable Chief Minister and head of State for any given period. The Governor has to answer to no one on Anguilla and only has an obligation of consultation with the Chief Minister. Contrary to perception, the Governor is not obliged to take advice given.

Before I continue to touch on other issues of concern I must make note of a severe chastisement I received from my critics, rated 5%, but appropriately so. Ironically I chose to write my opinions rather than talk, simply because, talk is cheap, and more so, on our airwaves. In emphasizing how the status-quo remains the same since this government took office, spelling the word, like I would speak it, (status-core) resulted in a side show by my critics. The article was posted on axa reality by consent. Thanks to my fan base for coming to my defense and separating my logic from my intellect, they actually gave me a 95% grade (impressive) and forcefully reiterated my points. The diehard elements of opposing minds are quick to trash, and gutter-talk anyone who tries to put in context our present dilemma. Writing is my hobby; and had attracted the attention of Sir Emile Gumbs way back in 1992 when he singled out one of my articles for recognition on the national platform. I am a very simple man, I do not have a degree in anything, I love dialogue on the issues of the country. I actually am a student in “Free Lance Writing and Journalism. A little of the theory, ‘The Writing Habit study unit’; “write your thoughts as much as possible, which is your thesis.” Personal experience, opinion, or humor writers want to convince you to a particular view held. Editorials and reviews try to create a reasonable-sounding argument for the reader. Informational or expository writing focuses on explaining facts and ideas. As an opinion writer, there is wiggle room from perfection, but if you are with an editorial staff, not so. As a writer you are indelibly stuck with the important task of editing, once, twice, and then your manuscript must be polished as a craft before being edited for publishing. Same in journalism, the 5 W’s, are the essential tasks in getting the story right, your story must answer the, who, when, why, where and what. I referred to the way our radio stations handle information as “puppet radio” because information gathered is not to satisfy personal curiosity, but to inform and educate. I won’t promise my critics that there won’t be any more written or grammatical errors and I welcome your perusal. My fan base clearly pointed out who they think my critics are, thanks for their keen observation. I should indicate that my postings are not geared to the intellectual class as they are, but to average minds like myself. You can consider my postings a work in progress.

I would like to summarize this article with some preferred commentary. It is very honorable to be elected to serve in the highest official capacity of the land, and for that matter, if one is selected because of the horror at the polls, and fear of being unelectable; this also comes with equal trust and honor. The embrace of these positions in any level of government comes with parallel responsibility. Attitude is a side show, what matters are, focus and execution. People expect their government to keenly highlight the state of affairs of the country and propose solutions. In the Friday edition of the Daily Herald I was very impressed with the article “HUGHES SIGHTS CONCERNS PUT FORWARD IN LONDON” even though it carried some of the usual rhetoric, for the most part the positions of The Chief Minister appeared well composed and framed to conveying a serious message about the business of the country, I’m sure a lot is contributed to the editorial staff of The Daily Herald because, I heard nothing of the speech in public debate. My contention for some time has been that this Government is not articulating the business of the country well enough whether that is in executive council, The House of Assembly or in public forum. Reading the article I felt that for the first time an image of competence has emerged from the laid back, throw back and careless language attitude. This article transmitted a serious mood about serious business, conveyed to the MOT and FCO. The Chief Minister sounded off like a head of state, his message was composed as one, and in the picture attached he looked like one.

By: ejharrisxm

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