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Sunday, 20 October 2013


Why is Anguilla's Government paid more than the Broader and Bigger Caribbean?


HM Governor of Anguilla Christine Stott... Is the UK
Government concern? Does this contravenes good 
government policy? Does The Framework for Fiscal
 Responsibility applies to Ministers of Government
salaries as it relates to Value For Money?
It was actually one of the corner-stones of the demise of AUF and their rule which started in the year 2000. The campaign was gaining momentum, in fact the 2010 elections was a predetermined win for AUF according to supporter’s analysis; they thought they had it wrapped up by the record only until news break of the outrageous salary increases the Government paid itself. The civil service core was also partner in the very large increase in salaries. It became an outrage! It was Mr. Joe Hodge who took particular interest in the story, he broke down the figures to decimal configuration and compared the salary scale of the government of Anguilla to that of the rest of the region and the general Eastern Caribbean. It was an outrage with intensity as Mr. Hodge passionately disagreed and stood in opposition. It was termed an abuse of power, enforcing such an exorbitant increase in their incomes with associated perks. Anguillians played a deaf ear and did not react in like kind, but issued a stunning defeat at the polls, a language understood very well by politicians. The issue hit home at a most undesirable time for AUF; but the people spoke with a stinging rebuke of no confidence, emphasizing a clear lack of judgment and judicial prudence in the affairs of the people.“It was a necessary objection!”

VFM: Value For Money - The Framework for Fiscal 
Responsibility. Anguilla: a dead economy, produces
nothing, one Industry, 14000 people, a British liability - 
and yet the Highest paid Head of Government in the
world compared with GDPs
In spite of the objection and grave concern, that subject was not a hard hitting issue on the platform of AUM because opposition members also got favorable increases in their salaries; more-over they were eying the desirable sums if they were to be elected to office. And, indeed AUM did become the government. The issue became an issue in the budget going forward and AUM was forced to deal with it. In great deceit, the AUM government impressed upon the people the need for them (the government) to reduce their afforded salaries considering budget requirements, so they claimed to reduce their incomes by 20% and that of the civil service. Word came later, that of the grave deceit and the word in contention was “deferment!” Meaning that 20% of salaries was set aside to be paid later at a more favorable time; but certainly salaries would be paid in full in due time. As the debate lingered on, the honorable Chief Minister tacked on a bill of $40,000 of yester year, claiming payment due to him for government business done at his home, he paid himself the full amount. It is an outrage when we equate average income by heads of state of the region with several times the population of Anguilla, what they are being paid per month. Just for reference; according to the information at hand our Chief Minister earns a monthly salary, approximately EC$33,700.00 while the Prime Minister of Jamaica earns approximately EC$16,000.00 and Trinidad approximately EC$18.000.00. These amounts are reported according to regional information.

AUM "BEFORE" Feb 2010: "... there is no regulation on government
salaries - we need forensic accounting - corruption!" AUM "AFTER"
Feb 2010: "Oh how sweet it is!"
Now that, “we the people” of Anguilla know the gravity of the peril we face, with no improvement in the economy the situation is impacting every person on the island, the issue of how much our ministers in government are paid must be termed a “Necessary Objection” and the people must seek to have their voices heard on this important issue. Our state of affairs cannot afford these salaries and we will stand with honest leaders; this “must” be emphasized in the upcoming campaign and become a platform issue in the next election. It is said that because of our geographic location to the US, we must align ourselves with the thinking of the United States and its currency and as such, salary comparison of the broader Caribbean cannot be configured in our interest. It is also said that our Parliamentarians and Ministers are paid comparatively with those of St. Maarten’s; another “necessary objection!” ST. Maarten in particular, has in excess of 100,000 people trampling the streets of the French / Dutch sides every day, and St. Maarten is in fact a very productive little island, bringing in an excess of two million tourist per year at their ports, our comparison, a bare 60 to 65,000 annually. There is also a vast disparity in work load between the two territories which must have a definite bearing on the earning capacity in government. There is no rational or justifiable reason why Anguilla, being in such chronic negativity economically, should be burdened with such high salaries for such less effective functioning of government. Until Anguilla positions itself stronger economically, the present salaries of government must be a “necessary objection”. And to be using the averages as identified, there is “No comparison!”

By: Elliot J. Harrigan

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