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Monday, 16 February 2009

Where is the church in all of this mess?

“All of the great leaders have had one characteristic in common: it was the willingness to confront unequivocally the major anxiety of their people in their time. This, and not much else, is the essence of leadership” - John Kenneth Galbraith, U.S. Economist - The Age of Uncertainty.

Firstly - It was a triumphant oratorical display of knowledge and lampooned demonstrated by Anguilla’s Finance, Economic and Tourism Minister, the Hon. Mr. Victor F. Banks, on February 10th, in the House of Parliament for the first reading and introduction of the Treasury Bills and Development Bonds legislation. The nation awaits the second reading of this bill in the House, where a very high standard debate is expected from the renowned Anguillian born Oxford’s Economist, the opposition Parliamentarian, the Hon. Mr. Benjamin Hubert Hughes. We look forward to a meaningful but spirited debate.

Secondly – It is hypocritical to bring such childish but empty motions to the Honourable House, banning elected officials’ privilege from use of government’s vehicles, for debate. Solving the global economic catastrophe, by extension Anguilla’s, demands much more creativity. It is dicey if not daunting in today’s creepy world to allow our elected officials to drive independently in unsecured vehicles while ‘suspected criminals’ are driving around in bulletproof secured vehicles. And on top of that, an elected official embarrasses a nation with such lunacy.

A more sincere motion limiting or capping top government’s officials’ salaries for the unforeseeable future may have been much more meaningful. Or even a motion alluring churches to share the burden in dire economic conditions. After all, they earned about 10% of the world’s wealth; as opposed with Social Security’s 5%; shouldn’t they contribute 10% relief of its burden… then what is their use for collecting? Additionally, on top of the committed 10% sacrificed by its faithful, there is a government’s duty-free concession on church’s (religious) imports.

If the church is serious about society’s ills, then let it live up to its responsibilities. Shouldn’t we demand accountability from our churches? However, it seems that everyone is afraid to question the churches’ principles - fearful of a bigger sin, unwisely looking up, still expecting manna from above, while those in authority surgically shaved away God’s purse… without a drip of sweat on their brows… fearlessly. “Father still drinking all the wine - none for thee.” What is the monetary cost for ‘salvation’?…

As our economic conditions plummet, the church is the most secured institution financially - as people loses their life’s earnings and seek spiritual answers - while paying their 10% surcharge faithfully. Why pressure an institution like the Social Security, whose ability is statutorily regulated and limited; while turning a blind eye on the churches whose purpose is to save the world? “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them” - Albert Einstein. We all in this together - now is the time that we seriously need a saviour. The church must be held responsible to live up to the true meaning of its purpose, and not being selective.

This may have brought, not only a much more meaningful and constructive, though controversial debate to the House, but also a respectable one. Vehicles are a necessity to government’s ministers’ mission and security. Government is in the business of creating opportunities, not trading vehicles.

Thirdly – The dance is always easier if you are not doing the move correctly, but doing a move correctly will make you a better dancer. Beware of ill-equipped candidates naively ‘bandwagoning’ an Obama success with simple allusions and misinformation. Let us make this ‘jiffy’ our new sense of empowerment to achieve greatness. It astonishes how anyone can associate an empty meaning with such a momentous occasion. This moment is about a preparation winning every challenge - meeting every opportunity emplace - resulting excellence. Avoid confusing an Obama’s true legacy as simply a ‘time for change’. The question this election will be – ‘change from this to what?’ Slogans alone will not get you elected. This is serious times and we deserve seriously better.

Don’t ‘vote-for-cup’ this election - surprise them with your results.

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