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Saturday, 25 September 2010


Events of this week would indicate a clear lack of diplomatic protocol on the part of our government. Trying to stage a mutiny (uprising) against the Governor in the presence of his superior The Minister of Overseas Territories, a lack of respect for a significant arm of authority in the country and probably backfired very quickly plunging the island into utter chaos. Such actions are totally unnecessary for the peaceful atmosphere the island enjoys and political stability we’ve known for the past ten years. The Hughes regime in well known for its continued battle with authority. The AUF government of the past ten years functioned under the very same rules of order, and maintained a tranquil island for the entire term; clearly radical elements of the current administration are working overtime to damage the good name and character of Anguilla. A few talk show hosts in recent weeks have been trying to stir up discontent on the island, trying to organize a demonstration against the Governor over an issue related to the civil service core. Reports are that the ministers are not happy with the level of cooperation they are receiving from the civil servants, apparently impeding progress with their agenda. The civil service on the other hand says, there is utter confusion in government, and there is no agenda, on the other hand the Acting Governor with the civil service are trying to maintain some order and some degree of sanity for the professional functioning of government, part of said reason why the Governor has called for resignation of several ministers because of the circus atmosphere and lack of protocol in government. Permanent Secretaries appear to be stresses with the on going frustration of the day to day process.

Statements made by the honorable Chief Minister on many occasions at his press briefings actually appeared in many instances to be picking a fight with the Governors Cabinet and directly with the Governor while some incoherent supporters not having the slightest understanding how the government works seem to be fanning the flames of utter chaos on the island. The radical behavior and attitude of elements with in this government will harm the island. Anguilla is not a militant society and there is no reason for this government to be feeding fringe elements as their reservists. The rule of law must be maintained for our economic benefit and social tranquility. This Government must first give some respect then get some. If government feels that there is need to recall the Governor, there is a process, then begin the process at least with the support of the people. There is no need to be seeking sympathy from the electorate for a process out of order, one must ask by what standard we as a people would reject a crown appointment to the island? Certainly this government has not brought this to the people and does not have a mandate to reject the crowns appointed authority to maintain good order and governance of the people.

It is obvious that The Hughes regime has not learned lessons from the past; now having some support among the population intends to stir up turmoil on the island. Having the Governor recalled would only result in a replacement, which would be well informed and prepared to enforce similar actions. The Mind set and real objective of this government is independence for Anguilla. A clear objective of the honorable and great Mr. Hubert Hughes, an accomplishment he desires in his life time. But a thought not well germinated. Not even a single paper has been developed as to what this really means and it is irresponsible for any administration to be projecting such ignorance to the people. Independence is quite in the distant future for Anguilla, but the process can be started intelligently. No one in this administration should believe that anything can be done on such short notice, neither with removing the governor or independent status for the island, what would most likely happen if the island seems out of control is that the British would reign in all the power unto it’s self and we would be left with a well structured puddle government.

By: ejharrisxm

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