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Saturday, 2 July 2011


Let’s put some perspective to the current state affairs of the island, except for the absurd, in a democracy, people are free to collaborate, team up and pool resource. There is distinction in service, and perhaps anyone having the privilege to serve country and the people learn through intimate interaction and close up mingling, part of the complexities of human conduct and behavior. One of the reactive principles of humanity is to “walk softly but carry a big stick” which, in its simplest form means, reserve some attitude, the time will come when you’ll really need the arsenal.

Most people interpret politics as a massive game played on the minds of people by people who feel that they have the power to manipulate. Politics touches all of humanity in some form or the other and is the principle equalizer, adjuster or eliminator at the point of necessity. To bring this home, let’s note the day this government took the solemn oath to serve this country, standing before God and man! The Honorable Chief minister is usually a smooth operator when all the balls are in his court and he plays a vicious hard ball! Well, like most of the hard hitters who burst on the scene during the campaign; they have, just about receded in the back ground. Competence is a major requirement, and in government, more so! But now appears to be a fading device in this government at a time when it is most required. The danger faced is to allow discontent to infect the masses, then, is when you’ll need to apply that reserve arsenal I spoke of above. Actually, there might not be any lack of competence in this government, but more so, confidence; because our Honorable Chief Minister is the most honorable serving politician in the House and he has vast perspective from both sides, the supposed Honorable acting Chief, Mr. Baird is a close second with equal experience on both sides of the fence. Our Minister of Home affairs is a Teacher of international stature and our Minister of works is an experienced CEO of private business.

The campaign the island experienced recently was a game changer in our politics, AUM raised the stakes to crucial levels and was terribly brutal and insensitive, in-sighted the masses with high intensity arrogance. It’s the game of politics, and the players, often play themselves, and each other. If that is not so, then economics is not a thing edged in stone, and no one has a crystal ball; that then becomes the game changer. Back to the inauguration, all smiles and honors conferred, all hopes, and a strong sense of “payback for AUF” It set the motion for the Honorable Chief to issue a declaration of confidence, quote; “Give me one year and six months and I’ll turn this economy around.” The last promise on the table unfulfilled. There is still hope; I am making this reminder because there if there is a rabbit in the hat he has to jump, now!!!

Things are tough, friends and foes alike agree that it’s not about AUF or AUM anymore, neither of these parties has the power to change the circumstance the country is facing. It is about the people, the last option to make a difference, because the situation on the island is heading to critical proportions from the individual standpoint and that for family of this country, one by one. With the application of the “stabilization levy” which strikes a note of personal consequence for everyone, no one wants to speak up for AUM, nor the Government, and it appears that no one within government wants to defend this tax. One man stands out! It was refreshing to see the Honorable Jerome Roberts who stood up, in spite of all the odds and said, face front to the chartered body of commerce on the island, “The Chamber of Commerce” made up of average business people, in direct conversation on the devastation of the tax, “this Levy would not be repealed!!” These are the words of the honorable Jerome Roberts. The Honorable Mc. Neil reported that FCO instructed him that, this Government is the sole sponsor of the Levy, and totally responsible for the introduction and application of the tax, Honorable Roberts, stands for government, against the people on this levy. What we have now is a developing crisis; AUF has started a process, by going to the masses for their approval to repeal this “Bill.” Government must accept this or the masses will march this government out.

That reserve competence held by all those capable Ministers in theater must come into full play post-haste. The actions of Roberts, reminds me of when he lashed out at The Honorable Baird, on national radio alerting the public of the circumstances surrounding the East End Clinic. That brings to mind, that only in time will everyone know the scope of one’s elected capability, and without doubt, the honorable Mr. Roberts is the only voice, volunteered, consolidated voice of reason for AUM right now, against “the people; we might be seeing right now, in full swing; the AUM’s “Hatchet Man”

By Elliot J. Harrigan  

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