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Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Anguilla - purity, unrivalled white powdery sand beaches and 
breathtaking crystal turquoise seas begs for a definitive history
of a compelling portrait of the dark side of Her natives in 
paradise… the search for a hidden truth.
The escalation and the severity of criminal activity on Anguilla reflect where we came from, and where we are as a people. It brings the truth forward, where there is a need to correct the wrongs/lies of the past, in order to channel prosperity into a future. 

Here are some of the lies that need addressing: 

1. The so-called Revolution was a lie, and continues to be such, and was nothing more than a greed-revolt amongst/for a few beneficiaries. 
2. The ownership of certain former Crown properties after such greed-revolt. This lie must be investigated and the return of stolen properties to the Crown.
3. The return of Anguilla stolen kays/cays to the Crown. 

It’s hard to fathom how captive black slaves, sold by Africa as commodities to white European merchants, brought to an invaded Indian territory (Caribs' and Arawaks') - or an Irish sunken vessel survivors (Refugees) - can morally and legally claim or own “our Cays”. What is mostly interesting is that none of these slaves or refugees made any of the Cays their homes. 

Anguilla is a big lie. We need to come clean first and foremost. 

The truth never lies!
Amerindians on Anguilla. Painting by: Penny Slinger
By: Wilful

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