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Friday, 1 May 2009

The Pig That Flies

A British invasion was a British embarrassment; our residents regularly shrug off crime, corruption, constitution, drought, gridlock and serious risks. Anguillians are not easily rattled bout nothing.

But the outbreak of Swine Flu, which has killed an estimated 176 people in Mexico, is different. Residents are staying home in droves, and many are scared and confounded by the virus that has led authorities around the world to close schools, offices, bars, gyms, and commercial establishments, virtually halting daily life for millions.

With clear information hard to come by, rumours are flying and this pig-with-wings is destined to rapidly kill a dying world economy.

It is believe that this is the last days and the demons happen to escape their habitats.

Many hypothesize that the virus was created and hyped by Mexico's government to distract the population from some bigger scandal being carried out. Others argue the official death toll is being purposely undercounted to prevent alarm from spreading, and fearful patients with mild symptoms are flooding hospitals and clinics.

Some people around the world are going into a state of hysteria because they believe this thing is extremely serious and all or most of the sick patients are going to die.

Further complicating the cloudy picture is the information trickling from governments’ technocrats, which sometimes appears to conflict with reality.

Meanwhile, in Anguilla officials have predicted pandemic sick-leave call-ins from frontline staff that will further cripple the economy.

Can we really blame them?

Lord help us all!

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