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Monday, 31 October 2011


Some accepted the new Government of 2010 without hesitation! Reasons were disillusionment, the rapid change in the economic situation together with heightened uncertainty hovered over the country during that period, it brought much anxiety and no one seemed able to explain why things changed that quickly, the elections were timely, which results brought new promise. We are now close to two years into the governing term of this administration and observers now say that the people have lost the enthusiasm and have slipped into a very somber mood. Things have only gotten worse; consequently, present conditions are bearing heavily on the individual condition, the island is experiencing a turbulent period. The premise of a “plan” that would immediately reverse the trend and return the island to prosperity has not materialized and the level of confidence which emanated from the campaign has now simmered down to mere speculation. The notion that dismissed anything to do with a world-wide recession claiming that the people of Anguilla were victims of “bad government” under AUF, unattended by the British Government has proven not sustainable therefore, it now exposes the depth of unpreparedness of this team in anticipating of the reins of government..

It is unusual for a new government this far in their term not to have any clarity into the direction of the country, having not laid out a program with clear positions people are losing hope. Considering that a change of government usually, and most likely comes with a framework to succeed, there is a narrow window to analyze and make the necessary reviews for a reset. The People of Anguilla have come to love their politics and embrace the process which has evolved over many years; we love to engage each other in political debate, and even though some are well entertained by the protracted stalemate between the Governor and a faction of this government lead by Chief Minister Hughes it is now reflecting the impotence impacting the government. People like to ride the momentum but that window quickly closes with the lack of optimism and results. In general, people are now lowering expectations and the many pundits that were strongly defending the campaign and applauding the new government are slowly retracting and walking back their talk, in fact many of those voices have been silenced, the mood of the country has in effect changed, and people are now looking at very gloomy prospects, having concluded that this government indeed is without a clue how to fix things.

We must focus our attention on real matter that would make a difference; instead, our elected representatives use their esteem positions to insult and denigrate each in the “House” while to be considering honorable. If this kind of energy were exploited in reviving the Anguilla economy and creating jobs our people would have hope and homes and property may be preserved. To uphold this festooned honor, our representatives must themselves show respect for the country, the people and our honorable House. What disseminates from these sessions are much less than honorable, and more so, for member to be addressed as honorable with such state of mind is ironic. Our Representatives must respectfully discharge their responsibility to this society with respect, upholding the character of the House of Representatives, show respect for their associates and respect all positions associated with government. There is little respect shown to the position of Governor, The Deputy or the Attorney General, a posture seemed to be promoted in particular by this government, with such a low threshold of regard the same is meted in the most dishonorable form; we have no respect Minister to Minister, no respect Chief Minister to Governor, no respect Elected Representative to each other and therefore no respect from the people to the government.

This government has chosen to expend its time preoccupied with the role and function of the Governor which bears no immediate consequence for the people of Anguilla, if it’s a matter of policy to disregard this function aliened with our constitution, then such must be declared and the people must be clearly informed where this government is taking the country. If there is no such policy government must operate in absolute coherence with the constitution and conform to its directives. This matter should be put to rest and calm must be restored for the good of the country. Even if this Governor is recalled today, his replacement would be much of the same, which is to carry out the policies of the British Government in the governance of its Dependent Territories. Our government should get on with its agenda of setting policy and governing to shape the future and bring a spirit of optimism to the country, recompose its self with a full ministerial body and put an end to the factional dysfunction.

The political process we know must make the difference we aspire, and at some point our representatives must come to understand the consequence of their actions knowing that the work they do affects the country on a whole. Our politicians must be able to eloquently entertain opposing views, not respond with treats and insults, carry on debate in the House with integrity and respect for themselves and those they refer to as honorable. It is time that our elected representatives take a civil approach to the business of the people and learn to utilize the consultative process within our constitution for the greater good. Our Elected Representatives must utilize the appropriate tool for effective governing. Use the tools of dialogue, be tough, but respectful; the strength of a well formed opinion, a well articulated opposing view and well constructed thought process which is geared at producing results, all of which works in the advancing of our country and to bring hope to the people , “a people that is now disenchanted.”

By: Elliot J. Harrigan

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