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Sunday, 3 March 2013


Anguilla… when did it come to this? Where do we begin to look for answers about our deep-rooted psychological problems? It never been this way, though this way for quite some time I’m often told - Rape, Molestation and/or Statutory Rape, Incest, Burglaries, Theft, Violence, Murders… mostly unsolved. Gangs on revenge with a shoot to kill policy, and a clueless Police force led by a highly United Kingdom trained intelligent officer as governor, targeting soft crimes like possession of self consume Marijuana - senselessly criminalizing our decent citizens… we are a madhouse. 

So…. Where do we begin to look for answers? In our failed Revolution? Our Church? Our leaders? Our Judicial system? Vigilante Justice? Who are our mentors? 

Think about it. Only mad people commit these senseless crimes. And only mad leadership would want to censor such menace about our beloved society, get up the next day and go about their daily lives and pretend as if nothing happened. Only mad people can endure such economic-terrorism by their government as hundreds lose possessions, and not to do anything about it, because they (government) think the mad people who live on Anguilla don’t deserve to live.

Only on Anguilla, a place of antiquated or nonexistence laws like on DUI, as mad careless motorist mows down innocent bystanders. Only mad people break every single law in existence, and when you call them out, they tell you ‘guh kiss yu madda scunt’. 

Only mad people condone such secrets on crime and no one gets up and says, ‘this is madness!’ Only mad people support independence to modern day slavery. It must be madness to be in support of Anguilla’s independence today and not link it to incompetence. We must be mad if we elected incompetence and expected to be rewarded with success. Only a mad people judge right and wrong based on mad political affiliation. 

A religious nation enveloping most clergy per capita, a clergy that preaches more than they practice, covering up major sexual and psychosocial transgressions, silent on crime and political corruption… must be madness. Lawsuits and threats of lawsuits intended to silence discussion… are pure madness. A justice system producing only criminals, none rehabilitated, and where money is a sure way to avoid conviction… must be madness. A people believing that it can rape both financially and sexually unfettered and mute actualities… must be madness. 

Supporting our politicians who are pretentious, molesters, rapist, liars, thieves, and even tax cheats… must be madness. Violent, ignorant, and savage, in the way we treat each other and our environment - our disposal of garbage, chemicals and other waste products are alarming yet we delude ourselves into believing that everything is “nice mon,”… we must be mad. An electric company that puts hundreds of homes into the Dark Age every month because its rates are unaffordable… must be madness. 

A nation of Leaders who are not held accountable for their actions, misconduct, and the consequences of their leadership failures is undemocratic… and pure madness! 

Despite all of this madness, hope lies in our youths, but sadly they direct their vehemence in the wrong directions... which must be centered on eradicating madness and its perpetrators. We must feel proud about our athletes, and those who are excelling academically or musically. It’s hard not to feel good about our young entrepreneurs. It’s hard not to feel optimistic about the self-starters, the all-nighters, the heavy-lifters, the hard-working nurses and doctors, and our civil servants that took pay cuts to keep everybody employed. On Anguilla such dedication and patriotism requires a level of optimism, that only a mad smart-ass can possess. 

Anguilla a nation of mad smart-asses that can accomplish a lot if it recognise the facts, accept the truth about itself and elect leaders with vision - not Hubertism!

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“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” – MLK.