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Saturday, 14 November 2015


The problem with most of these former Directors and shareholders of the 2 indigenous banks on Anguilla is that they think that banking is business as usual - it's not. The ECCB has the right to reject any bank. The decision is ECCB's, and ECCB's alone... or any Central Bank for that matter of fact.

We do not have a right to the ECCB currency - it's simply an arrangement. Our natural currency right is the British Pound Sterling. We simply can not spend and do as we please with the EC$ and not come under its rules and regulations however draconian some of these rules "may" appear to be.

Shareholders in banks don't own the banks... owning such bank shares/stocks are very much quite different from owning shares/stocks in a private company. Central Banks e.g ECCB, are the money power’s centralized controllers, whether they are private or publicly owned - and globally, there are very few. They are not operated for profit, and ownership of a certain amount of stock in these Central Banks is, by law, a "condition of membership" in the Banking System. These or such stock may not be sold, traded, or pledged as security for a loan, and dividends are, by law, a percent per year.

None of the indigenous banks on Anguilla, irrespective to the opinions you may have heard from the misinformed, has a "Right" to be part of the banking system. It's simply a "Privilege". And, I honestly believe, giving the conduct displayed today, that any such future relation with the Central Bank (ECCB), has seriously been damaged, outside of the normal stress or difficulties surrounding our indigenous banks.

Fellows Anguillians, our choices are scarce - and it's a do or die choice. It's nothing special or exceptional about us. The ECCB can simply reject us, therefore our only other option is the Financial Services/Bank of England. And guess... the rules are even more draconian.

So here is our final option - immediately pay all you owe or meet its consequences,; reject the ECCB's inevitable (a must) banking legislation; reject the Bank of England; give the depositors back their monies; and monies left to be given back to the shareholders.... to perhaps run as a mortgage company.

Are we Jackasses or something?

... honestly Jerome Roberts... I'm sorry!

By: Realist Spikenice

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