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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

It is the Silly Season once again

It is the Silly Season once again. And in the mist of subzero temperatures I can’t help but reminisce how mush sillier we Anguillians become around this time.

Though not late summer, this season is characterized by exaggerated news stories about frivolous matters for want of real news; real issues… they called it politics… we called it bullshit. And in the Anguilla context, we are in a constant state of… whatever you call it.

It’s the season where you, the disenfranchised electorate’s intelligence, are repeatedly belittled, trust prostituted and/or postulated. Brainwashing exaggerations, innuendoes and frivolous discourse saturate the atmosphere; where political victimisation and discrimination become the norm.

The class of 2010 must be candidates who are academically prepared; sustainably sound and has loyally served; the chief ingredients for good leadership. These honours demonstrate one’s aptitude to set measurable goals and recognized achievements. Such unwavering service to Anguilla’s development transcends a realization of excellence, and patriotism manifestation.

Frankly, the electorate is weary of corrupt scumbags relentlessly tainting and hoodwinking our political atmosphere with purposelessness and echoing deafening waves backed by tribal patronage. If you ought to lead, lead by means of example - if you haven’t learned, you can’t teach - if you haven’t accomplished for thee, you can’t be trusted to furnish me.

In about 20 minutes, Obama swept away eight years of President Bush’s false choices and failed policies and promised to recommit to America’s most cherished ideals. It left no doubt how Mr. Obama sees the United States problems and how he intends to fix them and, unlike Mr Bush, the necessary sacrifices he will ask of all Americans.

Have we bushed our chances for a brighter future through false choices, tribalism, omissions, and failed policies? Have saturated gluttony, disrespect and deceitfulness ‘glaucomaed’ our vision? Are we numb to global ills?

Obamanism is not simply a ‘grey man’ or necessarily youthfulness! It’s an institution… a proven ideology that nothing can stand in the way of voices crying out for real change. That leadership must not be a reward, but rather an honour. Obamanism is philosophy; a message of wisdom, not a slogan called change.

Have we overlooked or blinded to our Obamas or Obamanism?

We’ve been in a state of Silly Season for too long now! America has sneezed… let us all catch this well deserved cold!

Happy New Year.

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“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” – MLK.