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Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Mr. Rodney Rey and Ms. Joyce Kentish are excellent examples of Integrity in public service and private life on Anguilla. They are knowledgeable, dedicated, honest, qualified and have served Anguilla selflessly with distinction. The whole of Anguilla respect their nobility and cherish their commitment to Anguilla’s continue success. I “personally” believe that these noble servants would be recalled to serve under a re-elected Anguilla United Front (AUF) administration.

This is the kind of commitment an AUF administration will be equipped in transforming the political process on Anguilla by bringing together the committed and the best brains, by working across party lines in establishing honest and robust in-depth debates on the many issues affecting Anguillians while delivering the best solutions offered.

“Honest” has its literal meaning only.

Elections must mean more than just a slogan called ‘change’ or ‘trading places’. The Anguillian electorate has long come to the realization that political-catchphrases are borderless and infinite; and a distant relative to pragmatism. This is why we have continued to change the political process on Anguilla for almost 10 years now; one of the first nations in the Americans to do so.

Democracy guiding philosophy is that people should have decision-making power in proportion to how much they are affected by the decision. You and I must be honest with whom we chose as our caretakers for the future advancement of Anguilla.

It’s time that we as Anguillians put political childishness, tribalistic-dispositions, and personal differences aside and unite as one Front to meet the challenges ahead; and for a continued strength and endurance for a successful nation building.

It’s not the place and time; and the stakes are too high for sampling of “political-concoctions” which are seriously harmful even in minute doses. Anguilla must never again entertain “confusion-specialist” in our political process; and as a grown and respected nation globally, we dare not revisit emptiness and belittlement.

Now is not the time to auction our children’ future to a disorganized, visionless and clueless bunch of vermin and vile bidders.

I strongly believe that the quality of leadership is reflected in the standards that leaders set for themselves and not simply sufferers of “self-impotence syndromes”.

We have done it right for over 40 years Anguilla, and I will never underestimate your improved intelligence; you have the decision making power.

Just imagine a government influence by Propagandist, Misinformed and Seriously Dangerous Haydn Hughes; Reputation Assassinator, Senseless and Confusion Specialist Hubert Hughes; Corrupt "Kittitian Mutt" and Chauvinistic Pig Don Mitchell; Stone-Age Harry Wiggins; Confrontational Percy Thomas; Narcissistic Sutcliffe Hodge; and Impressionist Yanchie Richardson.

Anguillians never ‘vote-for-cup’!

Election Day 2010...


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