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Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Bullet riddled lifeless body of Anguilla’s latest shooting victim, which took 
place on Sunday, April 29, on the Jeremiah Gumbs Highway during a fund 
raising event by the Anguilla Drag Racing Committee.  It is reported that 
three persons were shot with one fatality, Mr. Gustav Lewis of the valley, 
who has been shot more than ten times. The other two victims’ injures are 
reported not life threatening.

The 80’s was a defining period in time - the rise of crack-cocaine in American ghettos and the futile US war on drugs; the launch of television network MTV; the release of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album and such iconic films as E.T; Back To The Future and Top Gun. In Anguilla the 80′s was peaceful - there was hardly any crime to contend with; Malliouhana Hotel was just being built… the charter of high-end tourism; there were no fancy villas and few tourists; lobster was used to bait fishing-pots or poison stray dogs; someone would stop for you on our streets or ask for directions… random acts of kindness seemed common. But then was always Hubert Hughes Anguilla United Party’s (AUP), our present day Anguilla United Movement’s (AUM) anti-British propaganda and racist rants, and its impression on our youths. 

This is the world and lessons that this generation were taught, wait and see was replaced by gimme gimme... the prevalent instant gratification culture, the bold, fearless and unapologetic children created by the AUM - a culture of short attention spans, impoliteness and selfishness, everything perceived to make their lives easier, results achieved faster and inevitably require less use of their brains – the betting on cars with lightening speed and dog fighting, inhibitions got lower, click and drag replaced getting out of bed, gambling, drugs, smuggling… and guns - the world and everything at their fingertips. The inherent value of things decreased and indulgence increased.

One therefore cannot blame these youngsters for their lack of appreciation for just about everything that exists, that’s what they were taught to expect – the lies about the turning of straw into gold, and the putting of money back in people’s pockets over night. Indoctrinated by the AUM they grew up believing in a world of unlimited supply where life itself is disposable. Their feeling of invincibility is a direct result of such thoughts of coming up in a time where doing without isn't an option, and anything their heart desire is a mere grasp away by any means necessary – the “get rich or die trying” culture. Therefore these heinous crimes we are experiencing now on Anguilla aren't ironic.

Youth deaths on Anguilla through violent crime peaked in 2006, losing 10, perhaps then the highest in the world per capita… 

However, as a community we must try hard not to reject or disconnect ourselves from the seeds sowed. Perhaps our parents felt the same about us - but they stayed. Our generation who are now parents are even more horrified at the world their kids will grow up in. To be truthful, this criticism of our younger generation is not only a AUM’s indoctrination plague, but also a degree of envy - envy about their youthfulness and their (parents) failure to create a legacy, envy about their resilience and their struggle to achieve greatness in the absence of mentors, envy about their inability to see any illusionary obstacle which impedes success. 

Youth is not wasted on the young. They are simply left to charter a course which hasn't been prepared, and perhaps isn’t there anymore. A course, which if a generation before hadn’t wasted their youth, should have prepared. “Every generation blames the one before. And all of their frustrations come beating on your door” - Mike & The Mechanics (The Living Years).

The real question is: are our youths being martyred, or simply being wasted? 

RIP Mr. Gustave Lewis

By: Wilful



    1. Where they are from? aren't they all from the same 35 square mile island? This is just stupid and leaves a bad reputation for Anguilla.

  2. i think that they all should get up and find something to do there are so many things that can be done in axa valley people are hard workers we will find the jod if its from east end to west end we will walk to reach there on time while others sit on the corner and watch us pass by.we love to do things to help out in the comunityand as well as sports we love to party and make ourselves happy .i dont no what is wrong with the young people at all let us all say a prayer for the families of all those who have fallen by the gun and who are wounded by the gun only one day will tell it all judgment day so lets all say a prayer for anguilla and its voilent crimes only one day .

  3. those 2006 deaths had nothing do politics most dem was with a gang from SKB. its lame try blame any party for that. this is a pathological element taht has their own morality. the 80's also had crook deals with the banks, and pols with drugs allegedly.they got this mentality from relatives, or own perverse thoughts.

  4. This is an anamoly..when devon died it wasn't all these peace walks wasn't no 20 ppl in the station locced up from the valley everybody carried on like it was ordinary and he was innocent as well other ppl from west got shot nothin for it no uproar in the public police basically swept the murder under the rug which fueled everything that is taken place today now it has ignited from the bowels of a niqqa get clapped from that same hood now its all kinds of peace rallys and everybody portraying them as "angels" what you know about somebody in the light is good but the darkness is so they want to give the public a false sense of hope when really they know nothin..but my question is where is all this energy when it comes to west or is the bias so high that they have become blinded that ppl are just going to sit down when clearly injustice plagues the west alone it is only so much one or one as a ppl can stand now the winds of retribution are howling as the storm was formed quietly and no one anticipated such actions...this is on their hands what they created this is what bias creates it forms something that will further spiral out of control and those who played blind to the facts vision is suddenly crystal clear


“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” – MLK.