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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

If Leaders are not born, then why is Anguilla not creating them?

The quote that "Leaders are Born, Not Made," denotes the belief that leadership is a quality, an inherent part of one’s makeup, rather than a characteristic to be achieved over time. Self-Leadership is what individuals do to develop their leadership skills, qualities and potential. Although people might possess traits, personal background or other resources responsible for propelling them into roles of responsibility, leadership is learned and encouraged from senior leaders, mentors and organizations. If leaders are born then what is the need of education, institution and knowledge? The challenges and opportunities of today’s marketplace require prepared leadership with clarity, confidence and efficiency to take us forward. So… why then is leadership-fertilization a deficit on Anguilla?

Not surprisingly we on Anguilla religiously fielded unpatriotic; unqualified; financially-starved and ill-prepared candidates for leadership. Neither do these individuals possessed skills nor qualities, derivatives of the core achievements - patriotism, education and wealth – which are developed and nurtured over time. Sadly though, underachievers with less than two core merits are ignorantly rewarded and propelled to high office.

We must unlearn the poisonous teachings of our ancestors… the myth that leadership is hereditary rather than preparatory. A manifestation since our dependency on Britain in July of 1971, revealed that we have elected no head of state that was tertiary educated. To be more specific, there were no tertiary educated elected official before The Hon. Mr. Victor F. Banks (stand to be corrected). This can best be described as a talent show where talent is not judged. The result ‘may’ continuously spell disaster.

Accordingly, there is a presumption of corruption-skepticism associated with electing educated officials on Anguilla. This mind-lynching fear mongering has withdrawn most capable and qualified potential candidates from offering self to service. Sadly so, that even those ‘supposedly educated’, involved in this lynching of the minds for self-alignment will fall victim. And to challenge this terminally-ill which is causing a brain-deficit on our cherished tranquil; our new Parliament (since it apparently missed our recent hijacked constitution reform process) must move to establish a second House, a House of ‘dignified men and women’, perhaps a non-elected House like the House of Lords, purely responsible for scrutinizing our elected officials and keeping a potentially incompetent government in check. This will ensure that the work of the People is properly done and done properly.

Individuals who are willing to take on responsibility, regardless of title or role, must know that moving forward involves initiative; clean hands; confidence; vision; commitment; taking dedicated action; an artistic quality and encouraging others. Unpatriotic, uneducated, ill-equipped, disorganization and traits of a tribalistic-disposition by our loose-cannon opposition candidates are not preparation meeting opportunity, and surely not a way forward.

In a political climate where first impression matters, it is less than impressive for a young and uprising political party in 2010, to be ill-equipped with over 75% of its candidates unqualified, living hand-to-mouth, lack of loyal-service coupled with a deficient slate; where the term ‘vision’ is pronounced ‘version’… that is not change we can believe in! Election is not about trading places; it is about honour to service. Similarly, we are tired of the outdated, ‘learnt’, misinformed, misguided, visionless, disingenuous, useless old men who are simply suffering from cases of self-importance.

The reality is that the ‘Class of 2010’ must be properly vetted, organized and ‘fit for purpose’ on day-1; and if we as a people are not mature and prudent enough to independently elect capable but credible leaders in 2010, then let it be done majestically (did I mentioned Colonialism?); especially in this global economic catastrophic state of affairs. It’s embarrassing for too long now, that while an intelligent globe seeks to select their elite to compete and lead; we are deselecting our elite and electing our non-intelligent animals.

But… are we underestimating the intelligence of our electorate? Does the electorate sometimes punish themselves intentionally to demonstrate their power? Is this self-inflicted or the wrath of God? Does the will of the people demonstrate God’s will, and the politicians are simply the Pawns in the game of Politics and not necessarily the players? Why would God allow such mad suffering to a disenfranchised innocent people… or is it a blessing in disguised? Is it ‘destination’ or ‘freedom of choice’ when a country gets a government it deserves, or is it confusing scripture? Oh… and human rights dictates freedom of speech/expression.

Politics on Anguilla can best be described as ‘uncertainty in the midst of an eventuality’ (we already know our winners and losers). However… never mistake a clear view for a short distance… ask the Hon. Mr. Victor Banks.

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” – MLK.

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“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” – MLK.