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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Opposition’s Position: NO!


They have NO organization; NO leader; do NOt have the political maturity NOr IQ to understand any MOU or MOA; they said NO to electing competent governments.

They said NO to Cruising; NO to Yachting Marina; NO to Airport Extension; NO to the Dolphin Discovery; NO to a Casino – with NO alternative vision to lure tourist numbers or continue economic growth to Anguilla.

They said NO to a Ports Authority; NO Port development for Anguilla - that’s a NO to trading. They said NO to Transshipment – that a NO to windfall revenues; do NOt kNOw that the globe is in an economic recession and they really do NOt kNOw how to get out.

They do NOt like NOr respect Civil Servants and hate Customs and its duties. They do NOt care about economic growth and prosperity.

They want to change the Health Authority to NO kNOwn alternative; said NO to a National Health Insurance; and hell NO to a Medical University. They do NOt want any more learning institutions on Anguilla and do NOt kNOw about your kids’ future.

They said NO to the experts' advice about our indigenous banks amalgamation with NO kNOwn alternative; NO to our indigenous banks lending government funds; NO to our Social Security investments; NOt kNOwn how to implement immediate plans to broaden our nation revenue base; NO to Taxes but have NO idea how we will pay our way.

They said NO to select Boards Directors on the basis of merit and professionalisms - however limited in a small community - as corruption, rather than the realization of convergence. They do NOt have any respect for characters.

They said NO to the British; NO to good governance; NO respect for the rule of law; and NO to a police state. They do NOt care to kNOw NOr introduce any new alternative legislation NOr have the vision.

They [Opposition] repeatedly say NO to, and are clueless to Anguilla's potential.

This destructive Dreamwork Visionless Opposition resorted itself to the party of ‘NO’ - with the ‘we don’t kNOw’ alternative policy regarding how to solve… we don’t kNOw anything. There is NO coherent alternative approach – instead, the ‘set of I don’t kNOws’ are wasting time destructively criticizing government’s successes.

Oh yesss!… they are very much interested in one piece of legislation – the Freedom of Information Act. But that’s only because they are in ‘NO’ position.

Should the Opposition resign?

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