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Sunday, 12 July 2009

This is it…

There seems to be concurrence on Anguilla among a criminal-coup (Anguilla Bar Association, the Anguilla Financial Services Association and the Anguilla Christian Council Association) on one side; and the government (Attorney General’s Chambers) on the other - with respect to a crime bill aims at tracing, restraining and confiscating the proceeds of crime on Anguilla – The Proceeds of Crime Act 2010.

What was noticeably absented in these crucial decisions or debates was the advice of a crime specialist.

One aspect of this Bill that the Attorney General, Wilhelm Bourne, wilfully or negligently failed to highlight is that with such a self-interest tailored Bill; there is less guarantee for an accent.

This lame duck session has literally incapacitated our government in-essence, resulting a toothless Bill to fight crime on Anguilla; a country riddled with ‘hardcore criminals’. Next will be the long awaited Building Code Bill for Anguilla…

Who is concern for our social and economic security and prosperity - unlike the conveniently concerned church ‘association’, bar ‘association’, and the financial services ‘association’… associations of criminals. Who is concern for those whom lost their properties and love ones through alleged criminal activities with no recourse and ineffective legislation?

Criminal activities on Anguilla are serious business and needed urgent serious attention with proper surveillance and effective legislation resulting answers, convections and imprisonments even retroactively. Noticeably, the crux of criminal activity on Anguilla predated the year 2000; making a statute of limitation protection ineffective.

Murders unanswered to date; human disappearances without a clue; armed theft and burglaries; over-night millionaires while mothers hold their heads and bawl; wide spread fronting blessed with government protections, as they (Frontiers) tightened the noose around our poor people’s heads; fraud and/or ponzi schemes; God’s purse snitchers; racketeering and/or money laundering; finders keepers; the theft of private and crown property - including our cays… etc. etc. etc. Who is concerned?

These criminal associations are the said generational criminals amongst us, savouring the flavours of hereditary ill-gotten gains as they seek protections through legislation. But... the derailed ‘church’ is which hurts most, as it long lost its purpose and became a distant association to God’s principles and will... and God weeps.

Like slavery, the church again continues to ask of us to suffer peacefully. This is the authority that associates a monetary cost on salvation and dictates that, not by the sweat of their brow they should eat bread, but by changing God’s ordained agricultural-tithing to monetary-tithing to satisfy their earthly selfish desires. And as we meekly commit and wait for our blessing - our homes need repairing; we are on a social spiral declined; women prostitute to pay as they go; less hope for the future; the society in turmoil; we are lacking mentors… and the church mutes and being selective.

Suffice to say that only when a ‘Reverent’ is interested in running for politics, he/she fronts the House of God – blasphemy.

A Proceeds of Crime Act is good for the eradication of hidden criminal activities wherever it leads; the cleansing of our tarnished Financial Services Industry (half of our overall industries); and the next generation survival… and this is what the decent and honest hard working people of Anguilla deserve.

If such legislation was emplaced, just perhaps, we might of still have Billy - but then again we still have Corrupt-de-Don…

However, no one is corrupt, since criminal activities are legal on Anguilla.

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