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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Racism or Guilt?

Across the United States of America, people have been vehemently protesting Obama’s proposal for health care reform. Thousands have gathered at town hall meetings to show their representatives that they oppose Congress’s plan to completely overhaul healthcare in America. Representatives in favor of the current proposals insist that the protests are due to “people just getting information that’s flat wrong,” such as that care will be rationed, health saving accounts will be illegal, private insurance companies will be driven out of business by the public option, etc. As there is no substantial alternative opposing debate; ‘race’ becomes the issue.

This mirrored the Anguilla’s situation on a critical piece of legislation, the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) 2010. Misinformation through unprofessional, non-analytical, unsubstantiated, antagonizing filth material, filled with uncalled-for fear-mongering and childish issues. Oppositions are more afraid of losing their ill-gotten gains, than wiping out criminal activities on Anguilla. So much so that the supposedly educated racist culprits are competing for supreme idiocy; though at extreme ends of the spectrum.

Dissatisfactions about proposed amendments to a toothless Act; originally ram through a lame-duck Parliament under duress from our “criminal-coup” (Anguilla Bar Association, the Anguilla Financial Services Association and the Anguilla Christian Council Association) - an Act destined revisiting.

In essence, this Act was treated like a Private Bill.

Ironically or interestingly, these are the said culprits who are interested in ‘Integrity Legislation’ and a ‘Freedom of Information Act’ for Anguilla. If it is good for the Goose, it must be good for the Gander!

Open your eyes and ears Anguillians! A POCA is a ‘catch all’ effective piece of legislation use in the fight against hidden criminal activities. It’s the best piece of legislation any legitimate government should implement. It’s one of the best tools our law-enforcement agencies can equip themselves with.

And does the United Kingdom have a POCA? Explanatory Notes were found here.

Say No, to our criminal-coup and racist Lolita – and let the democratic elected Government of Anguilla lead.

The other option is - to be treated like a child by an Order-In-Council.

Have you wonder why I am quoting 2010?

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