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Friday, 2 October 2009

Anguilla Won!

The United Kingdom has expressed its confidence in the ruling Anguilla United Front Government in the face of its rejections to similar BOT’s requests and local Oppositions destructive criticisms. This coded message was sent to the Anguillian Chief Minister, The Hon. Mr. Osbourne Fleming, from the Hon. Chris Bryant, the United Kingdom Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The United Kingdom MP confirmed that despite Anguilla’s breach on the agreed UK/Anguilla borrowing guidelines, the British Government is committed to good governance and the trust established between both governments. However, the UK Government has emphasized that the obligation of freedom is the willingness to stand on your own feet. According to the UK Government, this can only be realized with immediate plans to broaden Anguilla's revenue base even in the agony of defeat.

It is the absence of such plans, including details on how existing and any further debt will be paid back over the next 3-5 years, and planned changes to Anguilla’s taxation policy, coupled with the Anguilla and UK Parliamentary elections due in 6 months, the British government cannot agree to Anguilla’s entire borrowing request.

Anguillians are still enjoying the luxury of being a tax free nation simply because their government - with the lack of finances, legislation or enforcement - is too weak to intervene in the private affairs of the people. However, immediate stringent tax measures must be implemented by our next Parliament no matter which.

Unlike Ian Donalson Mitchell's distasteful and direspectful characterization of the Honourable UK Parliamentarian, Mr. Bryant has demonstrated nothing safe professionalism. This professionalism has baffled our Visionless-Oppositions back to the drawing board… the drawing board of destructive criticism.

Destructive change we can do without.

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  1. You are obviously uninformed. Anguilla has a vast regime of indirect taxation which raised over 205 million dollars in revenue last year.

    You obviously live in a country where you pay Income or Payroll Taxes and grudgingly think that Anguillians should too.

    You preference for the what the English Undersecretary is trying to dictate to a Noble People tells us that you are devoid of any intellectual independence. Stay in, or return to your cold country and mind your own business please.

    You attack Justice Don Mitchell; you will never be able to do half as much for Anguilla as he has unselfishly done, and contiuesto do, over the past 35 years.

    The MLK quote you selected above is quite apropos: it is as if MLK was talking of you.

    You contradict yourself when you say that "The United Kingdom Government has [incidentally that should be 'have'] expressed its confidence in the ruling Anguilla United Front Government..." they go your merry way and say "Anguillians are still enjoying the luxury of being a tax free nation (sic) simply because their [Anguilla United Front] too weak to intervene in the private affairs of the people."

    You blow hot and cold without missing a beat.

    Your selfish wish that "...immediate stringent tax measures [be] implemented by our (?) next Parliament no matter which." will never come to pass. This goes to show that you do not know Anguilla or Anguillians.

    As to the "..willingness to stand on .." our own two feet. Soon. Don't you worry. Indepndence will be with us within to years of the Election. We have stood on our own two feet since 1985, the British having not contributed even one cent to our budget in that time, and we are perfectly capable of continuing to do so. Anguilans have stood on their own two feet and FULLY PAID THEIR WAY SINCE THEN! Watch you mouth!

    You obviously do not think much of Anguillians, but the good thing is that your opinion and thoughts [dare we grace your synapses with such a label as 'thoughts'?]do not matter.


“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” – MLK.