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Tuesday, 1 December 2009


This process has been a real human experience - there's a strong community and generosity of spirit that has emerged among the Anguilla United Front (AUF) supporters. It's a feeling that's bigger than the excitement of a typical political campaign. It's the feeling of a movement; and that movement is in the whole of the country, as shown by the record number of people getting involved.

We knew there was an opportunity to change politics, to make it about hope and a shared passion for our common future. And we knew that other people who feel the same way would come back into the process or decide to participate for the first time.

We're closer to something historic than anyone ever imagined we could be. We are predicting winning all 7.

It's the culmination of talking and listening and building the kind of organization that engages people. It's the product of a whole lot of hard work and consistent effort by our teams of organizers and volunteers.

We admire the Hon. Victor Banks’ extraordinary capacity to bring people together in pursuit of their dreams - to make them believe against all odds in something bigger than themselves and inspire them to work to achieve it - we are encouraged that he is qualified, willing and capable to be the next Chief Minister of Anguilla.

Words can't explain how proud we are of him, and of you, for being a part of this momentous occasion.

Thank you for your generosity and support Anguilla.

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