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Wednesday, 2 December 2009


The opposition is planning to throw the kitchen sink at good governance, political stability, economic development, peace and a nation’s prosperity.

At their destructive drawing board they are trying to derail or destroy successes on Anguilla - this including a mailing that misleads voters by falsely disparaging the Anguilla United Front’s (AUF) relationships with present and future investors. The mailing carefully uses a quote from a member of the AUF’s party and mimics the design of that member’s mailings - apparently with the hope that the electorate offended by the negativity will think it came from the AUF camp.

The Opposition is hell bent on bringing Anguilla to its knees.

The case has never been clearer - this kind of politics needs to end. And you have the power to end this kind of politics come Election Day 2010. With just weeks to go before Christmas and the elections early 2010, our dreamwork visionless opponents have revealed their commitment to politics-as-usual; their pouring in of negative mailings, radio talk shows, internet chat rooms and forums, phone calling, and attack websites and blogs - clouding the election process with their negative vile campaigning.

Instead, we put our faith in you; and your commitment to continue peace and prosperity have gotten us pretty far. We are in a position to win this election wholesale and this is what we are depending on you for. We know we can because there is power in numbers; and together we can move mountains.

With the increasingly negative attacks from our opponents… Anguilla stay positive… and take note.

Thank you very much for your generosity and support

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