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Friday, 4 December 2009


More hysteria and shock on Anguilla, a small British dependency in the Caribbean, after reports on political prostitution’s trails of death stench.

We reported on the 19th October 2009, what researchers revealed is a serious endemic on Anguilla, where almost all of Anguilla’s political whore houses long standing residents have prostituted themselves to get into political office; and that this transparent immorality has been transmitted throughout the whole political colony on Anguilla.

We further found out and reported on 1st of December 2009, through expert journalistic work, that law authorities probing the circumstances surrounding a road traffic accident earlier this year involving an Anguillian Politician, the Hon. Edison Baird, have narrowed their findings to an attempted act of suicide.

What was in doubt was whether Mr. Baird’s flings with the Government of Anguilla in London (2007) and thereafter, and his subsequent cohabitation with the Hon. Hubert Hughes are a direct consequence of what is presumed his suicidal condition was difficult to confirm.

A new finding was rumoured today via Anguillian Transparency’s Facebook page; and it looks pretty serious for Anguilla’s political future. Sources rumoured that the reason for Mr. Edison Baird’s suicidal attempt in June was when Opposition’s sources rumoured that the Hon. Victor Banks may be HIV positive; contracted through his infidelity with his other political prostitutes. If these rumours are true, The Hon. Edison Baird may have transmitted the virus to the Hon. Victor Banks.

It is rumoured that the whole of the political colony on Anguilla involved in political prostitution may be HIV positive.

The political future on Anguilla is in turmoil following this revelation, since it has been revealed by researchers in October that Ronald, Kennedy, Sam, Emile, Jerome, Pam, Victor, David, Julian, Marcel, Leroy, Osbourne, Eric, Fritz, Eddie, Belto, Kenneth, Statchel, Kenswick, Donna, Davon, Terry, Curtis, Sutcliffe, Haydn, Walcott and Wilmoth may all have contracted HIV through committing political adultery.

It is also rumoured that Haydn Hughes has the added condition of fleas from too much dog fights.

What a sad day on Anguilla… who is left to lead?

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