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Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Since naïveté is commonplace on Anguilla as this election concluded; here is the guide to what the Government of Anguilla faces from a disgruntled United Kingdom (UK) government on their maiden trip.

The UK debt is getting larger by the minute. The real problem is the gap between what it is earning as a nation every year and what is currently being spent. The difference has to be borrowed which will amount to £178 billion this year and £176 billion next year.

The UK government plans to continue to pile up the debt until 2018, before gradually paying it off (taxpayers); but wouldn’t be back to the level previously considered sustainable until the year 2030.

Debt will peak at £1.5 trillion, which means every child born in Britain will technically owe £23,000.00.

In 2011, the interest on the UK debt will be £44 billion.

British taxpayers’ pain really starts to bite next year. There will be a new 50p rate on top earners and the increase on national insurance. The richest ten per cent will take a large hit, losing some five percent of their income, but anyone earning over £20,000.00 will pay more.

The government has promised to ring-fence spending on schools, hospitals, overseas developments and policing numbers.

The Institution of Fiscal Studies has argued that this will mean cuts of up to 20 per cent in defence, transport, housing and higher education. It has also further produced a study on the impact of aging population on the UK’s public finances and concluded that if you include all the public-sector pensions the government has so far promised to pay, the UK may never be able to get out of debt.

With its already burdened responsibilities and subsidies to Anguilla (securities, sureties, medical, education, citizenship, etc.), and Anguillians’ disrespect and selfish enjoyment of its luxury of being a tax free nation and government’s lack of foresight, empty promises of false hopes, and lack of legislation or enforcement – the British government is firm in its stance on the need for us as overseas territories to broaden our revenue base.

Is the new Government of Anguilla’s first-class trip to Brussels and Britain a retreat or are the British is not diplomatic enough about us paying our own way?

Mathematically – since nothing from nothing still leaves nothing, how much longer will we allow ourselves to be fooled?

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