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Sunday, 7 March 2010


Now that our election has aged and the season changes from silly to reality; it’s time that we unite at roundtables to establish the kind of atmosphere that will create opportunities for all Anguillians; and discussions for the liberation and reconstitution of our beloved nation.

We must enter a new stage of unity and trust, struggle and rebuilding, applying all means necessary – holding the firm conviction and stance of our legitimacy and legitimate concerns and speaking with one voice, one song, one accord.

Our way forward must be based on confidence, track record, materialising set objectives - a program mapped out which will serve the interest of all Anguillians. We have proven over the years that we have the capacity to resolve our own issues ourselves provided that we are given the opportunity to do so without destructive and selfish interferences regardless to government.

Change is not only the essence of history and unavoidable, but it is necessary for survival and makes life worth living. It may not always be comfortable, but it has the possibility of being good and therapeutic. It’s a constant that cannot be moulded into a stagnant form; wonderful even when it hurts or appears hard... even when it’s winning an election through lies.

For some it was 10 years of being in uncomfortable comfort and welcomes this epiphany. The epiphany of being in a relationship that will never be able to give you what you want, but comfortable with who you think you know the person to be.

The day will come when you will have to fully embrace or accept that choice, and realise that choice and change are not necessarily one and the same, but that both are inevitable. The choice of change is always yours... but not always the change of choice.

The Anguilla Revolution was an overwhelming majority of people decidedly not wanting association with the state of St. Kitts but rather direct rule by its colonial master... a choice of master rather than a change to self determination.

Our change ahead is inevitable; not a choice.

But does the electorate sometimes punish themselves intentionally to demonstrate their power? Is this self-inflicted or the wrath of God? Does the will of the people demonstrate God’s will, and the politicians are simply the Pawns in the game of Politics and not necessarily the players? Why God would allow such mad suffering to a disenfranchised innocent people… or is it a blessing in disguise? Is it ‘destination’ or ‘freedom of choice’ when a country gets a government it deserves, or is it confusing scripture or just change?

When there is uncertainty in the midst of an eventuality never mistake a clear view for a short distance.

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