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Saturday, 28 August 2010


Every one can see that the economic situation of the country is bearing down very heavily on the Honorable Chief Minister. It is regrettable that we find ourselves so deep in an economic crisis that the island is actually in a chronic unproductive state. The Chief Minister is a man of great resolve and courage; he is actually trying to put the very best face on a very bad situation. There is really no good news to report but as promised, he would operate a government of transparency; and on a weekly basis endeavors to inform the people of current affairs.

The country began facing this crisis some where at the end of the year 2007-2008 and has been declining ever since. But the crisis this government finds itself in is one of their own making. All of the elements that would indicate a consistent decline in economic growth were evident when new elections were called, still the, them opposition AUM infused the champagne with nothing less than a positive out look, only if we elect an AUM government. That’s exactly what we have since the 16th February 2010. Absolutely nothing has changed; to the contrary our crisis is getting worse. AUM spared no rhetoric laying the entire economic crisis at the feet of the AUF government, but went on to raise the confidence level of the electorate that, an AUM government would immediately reverse the economic decline and make an immediate difference. That state of optimism was brought to bear on the frame work of all elements equated with the failed economy under AUF and criticized all prospects and efforts brought forward in an effort to stabilize the situation. Ironically the most bizarre accusation which actually shocked the entire community into skepticism was that the government of the honorable Osbourne Fleming borrowed money from Dominica to sustain the government, this was the biggest joke of the campaign.

The wounds of a political sword cut deep and jagged, what we have here are lots of uncertainty and a superficial healing. The people are now getting frustrated and government is helpless. A recent report that Vice Roy was sold was a false alarm, but it appears that government just wanted to report something good but didn’t get the story right, very similar to the purchase of Flags by the salamander group and, “we have a solution to fix the economy.” Lessons must be learnt here that must put all future politicians on notice, the public must be dealt with as real people who must be told the truth weather that means a win or a lost at the polls. All of the ideas that were used by AUF government is indeed the very same used by this government to solve the crisis before us. We will never raise your tax nor increase the cost of living, “vote for us.” “It is a shame that we have to borrow money from Dominica” this was all criticism made by AUM during the campaign.

What is very striking is the advice to the Minister of Health on the continued dismantling of things, now reaching the Health Authority. While the Chief Minister is on a campaign to reduce the influence of the civil service, the Health Minister’s decision, with all good intentions to increase his own authority would deliberately make the civil service more influential in health matters. Changing the constitution to improve such anomalies is not the solution in my opinion. The constitution should only be changed to further preserve the rights and privileges of the people, not a minister who thinks he wants more power to victimize. This government is already engaging in some very deliberate practices to silence people who do not agree with them. This is a very dangerous practice of infringement on our democratic rights as a people as is; more over to extend such powers. I have personally spoken to people who are afraid to voice an opinion because of being afraid of being victimized in some form by this government. Such is unheard of in our small society and these territories. This is a matter to be watching very closely and to be documented so that at some point the powers preserved unto Her Majesty in the hands of the Governor must be asked to explain.
By: EJ Harri

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