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Monday, 16 August 2010


The significance of a national debate on important issues are probably minimized and marginalized by what appears to be a lot of talk show rhetoric saturating the airways with pro government, pro AUM commentary. Government must be strictly about governing in the best interest of the people; "all the people" where as, the opposition, their business is strictly about government, and having a careful and watchful eye to where they are taking the country. "To the point!" social groups, organization and associations must contribute favorably to everyone. If you are a political entity, get to the point, and let everyone know what you are really about. No radio station or broad cast unit doing public service should be caught up in clear partisan rhetoric, that is a disservice to the general public who indeed have different political interests and view points. Public service organizations should not be representing any single political ideology, but must be a voice of reason. Popular radio programs choosing to be props for government or simply pro-government ideologues are constantly feeding the airwaves with pure political bias. People listening to a radio program want a fair balanced and objective analogy.

Government is, and must remain the most civil of all institutions, this is why our Constitution has gone to great length to ensure the preservation of rights for the people; Our constitution protects Her Majesty's powers and preserved the rights of the people of Anguilla. This same constitution has severely restricted the extreme powers of the elected government, providing them with sufficient grasp to guarantee optimal governing, but does provide an extension of greater powers through consultative authority to ensure that Her Majesty's powers does not abuse her loyal subjects. (The people of Anguilla)

"To the Point" to incite anger against the Governor, the Acting governor, the permanent secretaries and the senior civil servants because of ideological political difference between AUM and the administrative order of the country is not protecting public order. It is not sufficient to reform the constitution to empower the elected government to over rule the administrative order of the country. Our elected people are not always extraordinarily literary savvy in government's function; we must preserve that greater authority to ensure that the people of Anguilla are served with the highest possible literates. Putting a ship on the rocks simply because one can't read the compass while the crew stands by and watch is not good stewardship. The past ten years government functioned very well under said rules, and presented strong arguments for the necessary changes, at a time when it was most required, the country experienced the most historic expansion of our life time, from a 3 million to "300 million budget. Considering that AUM has argued that such an expansion was extraordinarily irresponsible and promised to do the necessary retrenchment, to a smaller country and smaller budget makes that 5th Ministry redundant under an AUM government, unless there is truth to the speculation that Eddie is not a reliable vote. "To the Point" The Issue of reforming the constitution is an orderly and meticulous undertaking with civil recourse. No one should be sensitizing the public to disorder, believing that a common march or demonstration can accomplish such an objective.

"The Constitution:" Her Majesty reserves to Herself powers, with the advice of Her Privy Council, to make laws for the peace, order and good Government of Anguilla. The executive authority of Anguilla shall be vested in Her Majesty.

There shall be a governor of Anguilla, who shall be appointed by Her Majesty and hold office during Her Majesty's pleasure, for the purpose of administering the government of Anguilla. The governor shall have such powers and duties as are conferred or imposed on him by this constitution or any other law and such other powers as Her Majesty may from time to time be pleased to assign to him.

By:EJ Harri

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