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Friday, 27 May 2011


We are all sometimes extremely terrified when our honorable Chief Minister Mr. Hubert Hughes is designated to speak, not because of incapability, he is actually a very eloquent speaker, and often has performed exceptionally in public forum. The anguish comes from uncertainty of total equanimity. He was criticized heavily for an address last year where he actually glorified the Bradshaw’s regime of the ‘67 era which left much of his audience confused. As a result of the budgetary complexities the Island is experiencing, the honorable Chief Minister at some point actually side-step the gravity of the matter and decided to launch an attack on the British. This time wanted to send a clear and unmistakable message,”we freed Anguilla in “67, we will do it again in 2011. That was prior to him being aired on a regional news cast explaining his chaotic governing relationship with the British and declared “we have to determine whether we are going to start seriously to move towards independence or allow the British to increase their power.” He went on to further say “the economic crisis we are facing tells us that independence must be an open conversation for the people of Anguilla.”

It is believed that all Anguillians will willing engage in an open conversation about independence, and it is time this conversation begins in earnest and not be driven by emotional reaction to crisis situations of the country. The subject is legitimate, and deserves the highest level of consciousness the people can be persuaded to bring to the engagement. Everyone knows that Mr. Hughes views the British as outsiders in the affairs of the country, to bring that mind set to legitimately engage the British on the subject of independence will only result In more of the same confusion of positioning for command; where the British will eventually take the subject away from Hughes and present the people of Anguilla with an independent position on a “White Paper” once again. It must begin from a position of mutual respect for the subject, the people of Anguilla and the British Government, considering that this is the ultimate determination is the sovereignty of a people. But the Hughes Government, already having cynical posturing with the British, needs to soon declare a well defined position on present affairs and the future of the country; then let the debate begin. That declaration must not leap blindly in the advance solution of independence but must lay out a precursor of “Full Internal Self Government” where the country will work progressively toward declaring of Full Independent State in fifteen years.

When Ved Ganghi raised the 2011 Budget up high and declared “the Budget stands” something beyond political implications transpired. It galvanized the concept that the professionals with in the service are qualified to advance the country, which makes the Hughes’s Government the beneficiary of that capability, putting him in a strong position to engage the British. The Government must now formulate an agenda of substance and Vision and lay it on the desk of the Minister, with a summary; we’re ready to talk! That “Vision” must include those elements the country is now requiring for preparing its self for control of its own destiny and finding out the British position on adequate assistance moving forward. Some of those most important elements are: An adequate modernized airport, a full size modern commercial harbor, a modernized and enlarged Blowing Point Tourist Port, an appropriate and equitable tax regime and an attitude from the British that, “we will support the people of Anguilla in its quest for self governing.”

The position of “Self Determination” is one that all Anguilla people will rally around. This government has been losing support from the people since taking office and has also frustrated the British Government with antagonistic remarks and exaggerated statements! It is time to put into context some of these remarks and position the country and its people positivity. This Anguilla Day, Mr. Hughes must articulate his position; use the platform given to our political leaders annually, not just to lament about the past and point out irrelevance. We must use this most important National Day to utter statements of national consequence and position the island for the next step on our journey, all be it this year, the distinct call for the “independence of Anguilla.” So this Anguilla Day, the speech we want to here is how you validate your call for Independence, tell the people in full detail how you intend to take us on this journey and prepare a people for nation building. It is a matter how you articulate your vision! The people are looking forward to something stimulating and visionary. This may be your time, this may be your moment to lead or set in motion the next big thing for the country!!!!!

By: Elliot J. Harrigan

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