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Saturday, 21 May 2011


Elections have consequence and any group that has not prepared themselves well enough, should not dear be given that opportunity to govern. Our people must now raise the bar and ensure that those choosing to seek the approval of the electorate to govern are prepared; we must know their intentions and what their interests are for the country. The people of Anguilla have always been known for the will to work and achieve, in fact it is been said that nowhere is it so evident that very young people own such large houses like Anguilla. It has been said that in the region, Anguillians own a most significant portion of their own thriving economy and wealth. Anguillians are often praised for their courage and drive to hold on to important facets of the economy of the country, where as other countries and their economies are totally driven by large co- operations and major businesses from the exterior. Anguilla has always had a good image looking on from St. Maarten’s perspective, and has often been praised for its economic model and independence on the interior. On many occasions, even in legislative meeting, St. Maarten officials have praised Anguilla for its economic model.

It is really not clear what our government is trying to achieve from the continuous lamenting on the doorsteps of St. Maarten Dutch and French. Since taking office several delegations have either left from Anguilla to St. Marten / St. Martin or from St. Maarten to Anguilla. We first wanted a French group to build us a brand new airport and deep water harbor, then to supply our electricity and water, and of course we got a fire engine from St. Martin on loan. We also want portions of the fish market in Marigot available to us. There is a list for the Dutch side as well; we want portions of Juliana Airport rearranged and secured for Anguilla immigration service with a separate lounge to accommodate the high priced tourists coming to Anguilla. We want extra immigration at the ferry port to clear Anguilla speed boats and perhaps a clear speed way to bring our high priced tourists direct. We also want to operate late night trips, as late as possible. This is only part of the list of wants. The delegation also declared that they perhaps want a super high way from the Dutch side direct to Anguilla to avoid the Cole Bay Hill, because our million dollar guests and complaining about St. Maarten’s traffic. Something is going on here that is not normal. In fact there is wild imagination at play, and a very fine line between tarnishing our national image and endeavoring to achieve a mile stone. Once, Anguilla had perceived itself as the United States of the Caribbean, a shining light in the region. Are we becoming the laughing stock?

“In the absence of a vision” people perish! Is this our plight? This is a pivotal moment in our history. This Government came into office hyped about the British, who was blamed for destroying the islands economy with AUF, and promising to make them pay. When the island experienced what is known now as the recent economic boom, all Anguillians felt that our time had come, and finally the hope of our fathers had dawn on us, we all enjoyed the good times. Things have changed; people are actually getting very desperate because of the turn-around. This is causing a back lash for all politicians. We have lost confidence in the political hierarchy. (Chain of command) We have lost respect for the present and the past. The voices I’m hearing right now are actually saying, “AUF started a good thing they were unable to finish” (they lost the election) they lead us out of the wilderness and left us to perish. AUM apparently is not even conscious of the wilderness, and for hell they don't know where to take us. Some people blame AUF for losing the elections and some people blame AUM for winning. What is evident now, is that the people have lost trust, at a time when the country needs strong leadership with a vision for the future, the people are losing hope. Anguilla thus far has managed to largely direct its own economic destiny which the people can be proud of, if there is a negative swing in our situation, strong leadership must provide direction for the country. The series of hits and misses so far have not strengthened the confidence of the people that this government knows what it is doing. There is no coordination and no consistency in their direction and absolutely no logic in some of the decisions made. Since taking office the people have not been presented with a cohesive plan that would direct the country for the next five years instead, we have been lead to believe that we would be an independent country at the next stop.

“Our people are not lazy, and we are not a people that look for hand outs” we are a people that thrive on achievement even if we fail to reach that glorious level of success. Here we are promoting ourselves as the most high quality destination in the region, clearly marketing ourselves as the better destination because of the high quality guests we cater for. St. Maarten is indebting its self, investing in its own infrastructure while we use our political ignorance, criticize our very own airport and refuses to touch it, like everything that has been accomplished in the past fifteen years, but we go to St, Maarten with our hands out for everything. Our Honorable Chief Minister declares that, "this meeting is the most important meeting in the history of his political life on Anguilla." The deputy Prime Minister of St. Maarten said, our arms are open to help! Key phrase being, “help us” tell us what you want. The Justice Minister said, we understand your problem! we are trying our best “to help” but we have some problems of our own, we got a major Union on our back and we have to fulfill a treaty with French St. Martin by accommodating their immigration at Juliana first, but we will try to accommodate. But what about the Price to the island, don’t our Chief Minister and his very large delegation think that there is a price attached for all of his wants, and at some point we’ll get an invoice?

While we respect and honor our political leaders, we need smart government! This is a fight to be won by those who refuse to give up, in spite of the monumental failures, as a people we have always won our battles through endeavor. Those who are charged with the plight of the people must show wisdom. There is sufficient lamenting and incoherency, the distrust is mounting, it is time government exhibited a clear path as to where they wish to take the country and how. And not in debt a people, and deprive us of our reputation in the” Absence of A vision.” We simply don’t know where this government is taking us and through which channel. We cannot stoop beneath our pride, and we cannot allow the gains of the past to be eroded. Government must make up its mind and lead this country, because,“in the absence of a vision, people are domed to perish”.

By Elliot J. Harrigan

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