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Saturday, 25 June 2011

"OUR ECONOMIC STRENGTH#3" Destination Anguilla!!!!

Governments rely very heavily on professional advice and opinions to make decisions, and often invest very heavily in such. Often the common man, not having the educational capability has no access to government but often arrives at the very same conclusions; this is why I opt to write my unsolicited opinions which I believe more people should do. It would be common knowledge as a tourist destination to know that we must continually invest in improving our image. There is distinction in what is pertinent basic infrastructural, and that for tourist attraction, which can add distinction and interest to the destination. Our tourism officials go and they come and we often wonder if they ever observe anything that can be applied at home that would make a difference, some in planning of the island opt not to plan, but prefer to leave the island evolve naturally. In the flamboyant market of Tourism, artificial impressions do have an effect. Anguilla has its very own unique qualities which makes it special for the people we attract, but since we have not increased our arrivals numbers in recent years we must consider new ideas to upgrade and improve the quality of the destination. As repeat guests visiting the island year after year we must consider new attraction for Destination Anguilla!!!!

Everyone is aware of our financial restraints, which limit the ability of Government to spend. Our recent request to St. Maarten might not have been solicitously chartered; no doubt, the government of St Maarten will do all it can to assist Anguilla, but that too will have a cost, and there are independent voices in full objection to the prospects . A request for better immigration service to passengers in transit to Destination Anguilla is a fair application, and expedited immigration services are a pivotal necessity. To make note of the congestion on St. Maarten roads as an impediment to our interest was a bad idea. Underscoring our essential needs and seeking St. Maarten’s assistance might be imposing extraordinary encumbrances on them, otherwise for the general concept of St. Marten being promoted as a regional hub. Most organizations operating at Juliana Airport are independent agencies, the immigration department is a unionized body, the taxi association and other essential services there, are all very attentive to their own interests. Recently French St. Martin has been questioning, why Anguilla alone is allowed to totally dominating the Ferry business. In a recent radio interview, an official from the government said on radio, that serious effort is being made to get St. Martiners involved. One caller indicated that a local group has already spent upwards to a million Euros in the effort. Anguilla alone has dominated the ferry business for a very long time and we have failed to set standard for the service. We have again gone back to the usage of a craft that is banned on French St. Maarten and most certainly at some point will be banned on Dutch St. Maarten. “We need a modern Ferry service.”

Simple Improvements; Three key facets must continue to function optimally in the promotion of Anguilla as a primary destination and we must find capital to invest in all three, which would automatically enhance the island and add immense luster to the destination. There are always measurable improvements that can be done on an annual basis to offer our repeat guests an improved image of the island and since there is no capital to invest, we must take a gradual
approach to the required improvements .

Our Airport: It is uncharacteristic to have a government declare that they would ignore the requirements of a national airport, and minimize its usage. Our airport must remain functional and be upgraded forthwith to meet minimum international standards, and function as our primary port of entry. It is this government in its wisdom who applied international recognition, then abandoned the facility. Cape Air was brought in as a new edition and now intends to expand its services, while government continues to seek alternatives to using the facility. Cape Air now seems to have more confidence in the viability of the facility than the government it’s self. Anguillian will not allow its airport to become an idle land mark because of political differences.
Blowing Point Tourist Port: This port is fast becoming the preferred point of entry for the island, because of its easy access to and from St. Martin, a natural evolution from the chaos that continues to plague the Airport, we must however set standards as we continue to improve the interior and also exterior of the port. It would seem that some degree of politics is also at work here, because there were advanced plans for its upgrading and redevelopment which after the elections have been apparently abandoned.

The Valley: There is no sensitivity to the neglect of shopping on the island, and our government as well as the general population has accepted our disorganized and disjointed shopping environment. We are totally comfortable traveling to SXM for our shopping experience. There are three important reasons why we must improve our “Town Center” for the good of our very own people; for the benefit of our guests, and for a fair exchange of commerce with SXM. We must begin to retain some of the powerful spending done on SXM on a daily basis and encourage their multinational community to spend on Anguilla. “Spend the week end on Anguilla” The one way trade so far, has made life and pleasure more costly for the average Anguillian. I am a proponent of the Valley becoming an active shopping environment, our commercial block is relatively large and would establish a very elaborate shopping environment if we encompass all of its potential. “I suggest we establish a working group, charged with the responsibility of making the Valley an active town center and business environment.” Our guests are never visible in our commercial zone or our public space, which is extraordinary. We must begin to plan and gradually improve this area.

By Elliot J. Harrigan

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