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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Under such sorrowful economic conditions, have the government’s latest proposals on constitutional reform are missing a prime opportunity to modernize the Church? Should the Church retain its established privileges at the expense of Tax Payers and those who have no religion? Why the Church should enjoy special status above all other charities? Why is it accepted to tithe 10% of our total income (which is not ordained by God), while refusing to entertain any question on the introduction of Income Tax? And is the Church value for money?

Has the clergy lower their salaries or tithe takings in these rough times? Or why isn’t there a Church Compensation (membership returns on investments) plan set up specifically for in such dire economic conditions?

While it must be acknowledged that it is inappropriate for the Government to be involved in ecclesiastical affairs, and while we greatly value the role played by the Church in national life, this burden for the Church should have only been given up as part of a wider negotiation starting the disestablishment process, perhaps as a quid pro quo for the failed churches to be more proactive.

The Church, as an integral part of our society, must be held responsible to live up to the true meaning of its purpose.

I know out of fear many of you will not even touch this topic... as if God will exterminate you for speaking the truth. Neither will you hear this debate on Social Solutions. But... "don't take life too seriously, nobody gets out alive anyway."

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