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Thursday, 15 September 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Dame Bernice Lake Q.C

The Valley - The Hon. Chief Minister of Anguilla, Mr. Hubert Hughes, his Ministerial Colleagues, and members of the Anguilla Public Service were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Dame Bernice Lake Q.C. over the weekend. The Government of Anguilla extends condolence to the members of the Lake family who no doubt will mourn her loss greatly; as will the entire legal fraternity and the country at large.

Dame Bernice possessed an exceptional ability to defend her beliefs without fear or favor, was single minded in her protection of basic human rights, was outspoken on many matters regardless of the repercussions to her personally, and worked tirelessly in the development of Anguilla over many years.

With the depth and breadth of her legal knowledge, and enormous experience she gained working in the region over the last half century, it is no surprise that she figured greatly in the development of our Constitutions over the years. Her capacity to distill the elements of society into constitutional and legal language that stood the test of time was a testimony to her formidable intellect, and carefully honed cultural skills.

As one of Anguilla’s first legal scholars she made an entire people proud when she figured prominently in many cases over the years. Her successes in the fields of law and academia did not come easy, but may be attributed to a committed family structure and the tenacity that naturally comes from being Anguillian. While she made her home in other OECS countries over her career she never shied away from her roots as an Anguillian. In fact she celebrated it, and wore it as a badge of honour.

The country benefitted immensely from her contributions to society since she retired here some years ago. Not only could she be called on to lend advice on any matter that needed an objective opinion, but also provided this advice free of charge as in the case of the revision of our constitution.

Her voice could often be heard on the air waves on talk shows setting the record straight on many legal matters, or even opining on issues of the day. This drive to share her thoughts, wisdom and experience with the general public spoke of a deeper need to assist in steering this beloved island of ours in the right direction.

Dame Bernice will be dearly missed by her family, the legal fraternity, and the Government and People of Anguilla. May her soul rest in peace.

By: Merwyn F L. Rogers
PS Chief Minister's Office, September 13, 2011

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