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Monday, 19 September 2011

CUTTING THROUGH THE CHASE!!! "The Game of Politics continues " ……...........

His Execellency, William Alistair Harrison, Governor,
and the Hon. Hubert Benjamin Hughes, Chief Minister of Anguilla. 
The argument tabled for some time now has without doubt exacted itself to today’s current situation on the island. Now it is clear that the extreme and radical posture of the government or principal leadership elements, have not done the governing process well up to now! Thus far the country is no better off today than that day February 16, 2010. The Governor has now decided to declare his position on a critical turning point issue in the affairs of the island, which may bring some degree of clarity to the tension between the two aspects of the governing mechanism of the island and the actual relationship between the Governor’s cabinet and the elected government of the people.

This story actually exemplifies how the game of politics is played by real power players. It is now over one year and the neglect to address this matter, which did cause uproar by the government; the Governor knew that was red meat, and refused to pitch it to angry people who felt that he had trampled on the right of their selection for government. The Governor held the high ground and allowed the government to develop a trend of conscious or unconscious errors to the extent that they would defame, and cause consequential damage to themselves. Being conscious of public descent he felt comfortable at this point to reveal the actual report, red meat or not, at this time the government has cooked themselves and so is the red meat, “now well cooked.”

Stories like these must be reported from a prospective of critical analysis because the people must have all the facts, even from various sources and the people must judge for themselves. Our weekly column offers the opportunity for friends to give their point of view without sensor and objectively offer suggestions and or unsolicited advice, of which we may never know if taken, but it is our duty to make a contribution as we see it.

Last week’s column generated quite some reaction and a very intelligent debate on the prospects of adequate and new political leadership for the island on another facet of the phenomenal social network. The country has probably drifted from reality and has entered into a zone of difficulty, now becoming untenable. This matter concerns everyone and the subject matter highlights the fact that a new vision for the country must be tabled with critical criterion, a plan that must include the elements of a progressive society which should be exposed for public consumption, not in an election season but right now, so the people can judge without the pressure of political choice.

By: Elliot J. Harrigan

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