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Monday, 26 March 2012


Mr. Statchel Fritz Warner - 1989 Anguilla National Alliance
(ANA) candidate for District 6, Road South, Anguilla
Constitutional reform was started by the AUF and it failed because the AUF was not interested. The AUF saying that the issue should be taken to the people and if the people vote yes, then set a time table is understandable because it fits into their stall, do nothing, maintain the status quo platform. If the AUF during its ten years in office had even once mentioned independence even by 2050 and said these are the steps needed it would have some crediblity on the issue. The AUF has done nothing visible to push the British toward Constitutional reform although it portrays itself is the British favoured children. The AUF from all accounts is happy being British.

AUM has taken on the issue of constitutional reform because it fits perfectly into its anti British rethoric. This constant fighting with the British is not to the benefit of Anguilla but serves as a distraction from other issues. Hubert is just interested in the politics of independence not in the fact that its a serious journey for the people of Anguilla. The belief that all problems will be solved once we get rid of the British is seriously flawed.

Anguilla continue to mix religion and politics and its a receipe for disaster. If the preachers and former preachers who are so actively involved in the political future of Anguilla really believe what they have been preaching over the years, they should step aside and wait for Jesus to bring his constitution. They would also know that the world will end before independence is granted, therefore they should just stop confusing the people. The future belongs to those of us who will be around after the preachers world ends.

It is sad to see the Government of Anguilla fighting with the British when there are other more urgent issues, rather than fighting with the British we should be using them to accomplish our goals, the way they used our ancestors to accomplish their goals and built their economy. We appear to genuinely lack an understanding of how the British empire works even after 45 year of invasion. The British are not as smart or evil as we gave them credit for. They are just another group of Europeans worried about their existence, just another failing economy.

In the final analysis independence will depend on the calibre of the politicians and the mentality of the people. In this regard based on stated positions and present behaviour of both leaders of the AUM and AUF, they will both best served the people of Anguilla as colonial underdogs. I would hate to see either of them as the leaders of an independent Anguilla, thankfully fate is only the side of the people of Anguilla......

By: Statchel Warner

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  1. actually offers some insight as to how we can determine our future via political action


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