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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

We Are Knocking Them Into Resignation

Fellow Supporters

You've already heard about the growing energy to our campaign. Our campaign has tremendous momentum, but there's a lot to do before the general election 2010.

What has happened to the campaign since then has been even more remarkable. Here’s what happening - the Opposition is nervous as once supporters join new allegiance. Our campaign has hit the Opposition so hard that we are knocking them into resignation.

Now is the time for everyone who supports continue stability, growth and prosperity to make one thing perfectly clear: we are here, we are serious, and we are going to be heard – we are committed to stand up and be counted.

We know that we are not too far from the victory-line February Day 2010; but it’s there where complacency normally competes and wins the race. It's never time to relax - it's time to double down; it’s time to deliver. Now is the time to turn all of the energy and hope you've invested in Anguilla into action.

Feeling is truly believing and the Anguilla electorate has witnessed a corrupted and incompetent visionless Opposition in office before, producing paralyzed governments and a nation’s status diminished as she bowed her head in bewilderment. However, through strength and endurance we have heard from ordinary Anguillians from every region and every walk of life who want to continue feeling that pride of knowing that Anguilla is in safe hands with an Anguilla United Front’s Government.

Just imagine a government influence by Propagandist and Misinformed Haydn Hughes, Reputation Assassinator and Confusion Hubert Hughes, Corrupt "Kittitian Mutt" Don Mitchell, Stone-Age Harry Wiggins, Confrontational Percy Thomas and Selfish Sutcliffe Hodge?

This will rock the core of political stability, good-governance, peace, growth and economic prosperity on Anguilla.

It’s scary Anguilla… wake-up!

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