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Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Statchel Warner studied BSc International Relations, 
Cert. Social Services at University of the West Indies. He is 
an entrepreneur, thinker, activist, Politician ( former Anguillian 
National Alliance (ANA) Candidate)and a possible candidate 
for the Road South Constituency in the next General Election 
on Anguilla.
There seem to be a growing consensus that we cannot act against gang violence until we have completed some kind of survey and present its finding. This although beneficial will be long and costly and valuable time would be wasted. In this regard let us act on the factors that are obvious to even the casual observer.


• Academic Failure
• Economics
• Family Dysfunction
• Lack of Community Services for youth & families
• Lack of Recreation Centers
• Self Esteem (poor sense of self)
• Poor Sense of Connection to the national community and family
• Lack of Opportunities
• Lack of Education and skills
• Low employment Opportunities
• Poor Discipline
• Insufficient Crisis Intervention
• Lack of funding for smaller community organizations, groups and clubs
• Parent/Grandparent Support increasingly absent
• Poor Parent Accountability
• Basic Needs are not being met
• System does not access/help jailed youth
• Poor Youth Law Enforcement relations
• Shift in Community Values/Norms No island-wide engagement of peers


• Increase opportunities for youth through after school, recreational, and employment programmes.
• Strengthen family functioning
• Assist students to achieve academically by ensuring students are safe in environment 
• Strengthen the capacity of youth groups and clubs to combat violence in their community and Island-wide
• Improve crisis intervention services by strengthening the responsible Govt department and other social groups
• Improve relationships between youth and police
• Monitor the activity, issues and problems faced by youth re-entering the community from prison
• Change community norms, values and perceptions concerning gun violence, and gangs
• Increase collaboration and communication between and among police department, schools, social services, churches, community groups and youth in general

By: Statchel Fritz Warner

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