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Sunday, 7 April 2013


Top British commander concluded that lack of cattle producing
fertilizer reduces Anguilla's military arsenal...    
"We are at War" One must ask why is the government of Anguilla this dysfunctional and not in sync with reality. What is going on in government chambers? "We are at war!" Is the most recent statement coming from Chief Minister Hughes in this week’s printing of the Anguillian; such inflammatory remarks are not helpful to the dialogue. The people of Anguilla want to know where the battleground is, because every Anguillian wants to continue the battle for “the cause!” Then we must know whose battle is Hughes really fighting? 

The Chief Minister accuses the British Government of sabotaging the Anguillian economy in their lack of responsibility for not cooperating with them, (us) and complains how the British is spending heavily in some of the other territories and deliberately destroying Anguilla, but admits this is opinion. It is hard to understand how Mr. Hughes intends to reach any level of cooperation with such rhetoric, and being in a consistent battle with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. If one follows the line of communication on the Framework for Fiscal Responsibility it would appear that this is a proposal that has been in the making for some time and should have been in acted into law since June 2012. Mr. Hughes is obviously very late with his final assessment but still finds it fitting to accuse the British of being irresponsible, even with the Budget of the island being mingled in the debate, there is no objective approach coming from the Anguillian Government. All good things come to an end and this quarrel should have taken place some time ago. Apparently all of the other territories have already signed, sealed and deliver their version of said document and they are the ones getting the cooperation of the British, while Anguilla is playing the spoil child in the grouping with its own demands, and the British is saying; “ talk’s over.” 

British Prime Minister: "We are in this together!"
It is now in excess of three years since this government has taken office and has not been able to forge a mutual exchange with the British Government on anything, and has been forced to cooperate in most instances. Mr. Hughes’s interview with the Anguillian is very much the same as all his interaction with the press on issues with the British government. At some point Mr. Hughes must be told to get matters of the country on his priority agenda and he can schedule his battles with the British later on. 

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Hughes’s issues with the British Government might not necessarily be those of the people of Anguilla, a tirade of unscrupulous remarks and unnecessary unresolved interventions are actually hurting the country, and people are becoming victims of curious government. The economic conditions on Anguilla is dismal and it is no doubt that this is not felt by our government, they being in their zone of comfort, refusing to embrace responsibility in governing for the future of the country. It is now becoming unbearable for us who seem to be in the middle of the road, with no political agenda and no axes to grind to stand back and look on, as a government brings the country to its knees because of the lack of civil conduct. At some point the country must hold them all responsible, together with those closely associated rendering advice that apparently dooms the good character of the island and its people. Nothing has been achieved in three years, which reflects quite negatively on this administration, and Mr. Hughes’s ability to govern. It also diminishes our Honorable Chief Minister to the laughing stock of the region and all of the British Kingdom. 

British Army scared-off by herds of goats and sheep as
they advance District-6, Anguilla's Chief Minister stronghold. 
It should have been contemplated before taking office that dealing with the British Government is a fundamental link to the governing process on Anguilla and is, “business as usual” for any of the British Territories. For Anguilla to be consistently void of contact or conclusions is inappropriate for a sitting government. It is very unusual for any few wise men not to be heard or get their point across as in the case of the government of Anguilla. If Mr. Hughes would use this energy, “being at war” in positive action, the country we would see visibly forward movement. It is said that a country gets the government of its choosing, and that is certainly the case with Anguilla today. Mr. Hughes and his Government feel exceptional and deserves special consideration in their collaboration with the British Government, who continues to show that they perhaps don’t care to do business with Hughes, and in fact don’t like his business approach and maybe, they just don’t like the man! But in keeping with the reciprocal protocol and its constitutional obligations to the country, Mr. Hughes has an open door with full access on behalf of the people of Anguilla. The British accommodated Mr. Hughes in their London House, listen to his usual rant and set perimeters for concluding the talks, but then rejects any such accommodation while on Territory Anguilla. This is beyond imagination. It would indicate that one party changed positions. If the agenda is set by the British it is appropriate for Mr. Hughes to react on their terms, and a process of hearings from both sides is quite normal. Mr. Hughes is perhaps being awkwardly advised, either from within his government or from the outside; being unable to meet practical working terms with the British. This is the best indication that nothing will be done for the rest of the term under this government, who appears beholden to a few obstinate party intractable(s) with their allegiance to disorder, not to the benefit of all. This is the few that divides the country, in the hope to restart the revolution, to rid us from the grips of the great “Evil”(Britain). It is time for our government, after in excess of three years having delivered nothing but bad news to its people; to take responsibility for the chaos and embrace responsibility for the future. 

Anguilla's Chief Minister whereabouts are unknown
To ask the question, a fight with the British benefits whom? Is worthwhile; it certainly does not help the image of Chief Minister Hughes, because he is known for whom he is, the chaotic situation now hovers over this country once again will diminish his stature, even on a local level and any positive attributes accredited from the last election. The people of Anguilla are actually losing everything they were able to achieve in better times, under a better government; when they felt improvement and their personal conditions actually changed for the better. Where is our allegiance? And whom do we answer too? The British Government still fully governs the island and holds all the cards on deck! Why does Mr. Hughes think that without an orderly process and a respectful tone, the British is subject to his directions? And whose interest is Mr. Hughes serving having a consistent battle on issues of importance to the country unresolved? Well, “being at war must be a fight for the future, and a fight we must win!”

By: Elliot J. Harrigan 

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