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Thursday, 26 June 2014


Fritz4Change - 2015

Mr. Statchel "Fritz" Warner, D-6 Independent Candidate
2015 - General Elections on Anguilla  
As a candidate contesting the upcoming election I want to share my reasons for running for change and to encourage you to support me.

First of all, we live in a beautiful island that has been graced by an abundance of natural attributes and resources, and we live relatively free of strife and conflict. Anguillians have a lot to be grateful for and I am. I also believe that because we have been given so much, it is our duty and responsibility to look after what we have and pass it on to our children.

I am concerned that Anguilla is on the wrong track to achieve any of those goals. We have become too individualistic, too self-centred, too driven by greed than by any form of higher ambition. That is not the type of Anguilla I want to live in nor is it one that I want to pass on to my children and their children.

I don’t blame only the government, or politicians, all of us have been party to letting go of many of our values and traditions. Governments however are elected to lead us and right now in Anguilla we are heading in the wrong direction. At present we are burying our birthright and our future in the name of empty rhetoric. Our Leaders are heading in the wrong direction with just about every decision they have taken or failed to take.

We are moving in the wrong direction when it comes to protecting the environment and in our relationship with the British, food security, energy security, taxation, or how we treat non-Anguillians. We are not supporting our students or our seniors, and we are dishonouring our teachers and women. Our world view is based on an ideology anchored in the 1950’s, and ideology driven by emotions rather than integrity propel our International relations. We are being taught to accept that corruption as normal that it’s okay to make negative and misleading political statements that only serve to bring people down instead of inspiring all Anguillians to be great.

We have much to do in Anguilla but I believe that the place to start is inside ourselves, Anguillians need to commit to a vision of Anguilla that is open, and inclusive, and diverse, and welcoming, to each other and to anyone willing and able to make a contribution. Let us talk to each other about sharing that vision of a clean energy secure Anguilla that is prosperous and capable of taking its rightful place in a world that is constantly changing. After we have done that we then need to elect political leaders that are capable of helping us move towards that vision.

Anguillians and those who love Anguilla will have to work, very hard, to elect that special type of political leaders who want to help us get there. And to defeat those politicians who do not share our goals for this island. We need to make our democracy work for those who helped build Anguilla and for those who have dreams of a better Anguilla for our children and our grandchildren.

That’s why I’m running. I hope you will support me.
By: Statchel Warner
Mr. Statchel Warner studied BSc International Relations, Cert. Social Services at University of the West Indies. He is a Thinker, Writer, Activist, Politician (former Anguillian National Alliance (ANA) Candidate), Entrepreneur, and a candidate for the Road South District-6 Constituency in the General Elections on Anguilla in 2015.

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