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Sunday, 15 June 2014



All those times I cried for you, you never came
Out of all the sports I played
You never showed up at one game
All of the awards I received
I never heard you clap
You were never there
For me to sit on your lap.

All the times I fell
and scratched my knee
You were the one who wasn't there
To comfort me

All those times I was bored
And wanted someone to call
You still weren't there
Not there at all.

I always tried to make you proud
Hoping you would love me more
but you never seemed to care
So what did I even do it for?

You weren't there for any of my firsts
Might not be for any of my lasts
It's like you're not here in my present
Just like you weren't there in my past.

I try to move on
But no one knows how hard it is
For your own father not to love you
As much as he loves his other kids.

But I hold my head high
To keep things from looking so bad
But deep down I still wish
I had love of my dad.

Happy Fathers Day to the men who are there for their kids...all of their kids!

By: Kenroy Herbert

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