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Thursday, 26 March 2015


We have learned years ago, working in community organizations like the Sea Scouts, Boys Brigades and the Interact, that progress and change in our country rarely comes from the top down. It's people like you, involving their coworkers, neighbors and friends… change begins with you.

It's a wonderful thing to understand that in theory but it's another to sit in a room full of motivated people, making plans and witnessing the effects of hard work. For us to win this campaign we must not take anything for granted by underestimating the depth of lies and divisiveness, from a confused and utter mess administration here on Anguilla. We must stay strong and build... it will only happen if your sleeves remain rolled up, not ceasing work.

To build on our hope for a better future for Anguilla and its diaspora, we have to take responsibility head on. We want to see all of us as Anguillians in these final days of campaigning, coming together once again in living rooms in that old Anguillian’ fashion… eating our signature rice and peas or fungi with fish. Let’s host each other as brothers and sisters while moving Anguilla in sync. It’s time to replace this 2010 synthetic change with confidence, track record, materializing set objectives - a program mapped out which will serve the interest of all Anguillians in 2015 and beyond. You want this because you believed so deeply that in the face of impossible odds, people who truly love this country can change it.

These election campaigns have sparked much controversy, and unprecedented waves of love and oneness coming together to eradicate a national menace… an utter mess administration. But we still have a few more days to go… It's up to us to harness that energy in crossing that finish line on April 23 morning. We have an incredible opportunity to change politics on Anguilla forever, where people genuinely care about our common future and believe that we have the power to shape the kind of society in which we live.

Thank you very much for your support, and see you at the polls my fellow Anguillians.

By: Realist Spikenice
Candidate against the Anguilla Utter Mess (AUM) Administration

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