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Sunday, 3 May 2015


Though some are still in silly mode, the majority of us here on Anguilla are back to reality. While they are being sued for millions, we are united at roundtables, speaking with one voice, one song, one accord… establishing the kinda atmosphere and Anguilla that will create opportunities for all Anguillians; and having the kinda discussions and building the organizations necessary for the reconstitution of a land we beloved and called home.

Team-AUF is an unavoidable change… a necessity… a team fit-for-purpose… that, what you did… an epiphany for which we now glee and wish well. Marvel, you must Anguillians… as your victory has demonstrated God’s will… so was the past five horrible years of an understatement of incompetence.

The Anguilla United Front is your government because of years of confusion of interest and the convergence of confusional cynical approach to nowhere from an inept Anguilla Utter Mess Administration under the leadership of Dr. Ellis Lorenzo Webster. 

You can be assured that under the competent hands of an Anguilla United Front Administration that full restoration of democracy, good governance, and political stability on Anguilla are in order… you have overwhelmingly voted to restore tranquility and economic prosperity back on Anguilla... notwithstanding the sense of peace we felt since April 22.

… and yet Anguilla rises.

By Realist Spikenice
Representative against Anguilla Utter Mess

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