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Friday, 29 January 2010


Yesterday retired Justice Ian Donaldson Mitchell CBE QC (questionable character), now disgraced, has called members of the Anguilla United Front (AUF) party "a nest of vipers".

We, the AUF-Camp-Vision applauded the contribution of this, then honorable, servant to the legal profession on Anguilla in particular, and the Eastern Caribbean Jurisdiction in general.

We also grieved with his family, relatives and well wishers for his rapid mental deterioration, which specialist concluded is end stage dementia.

Just over 3-years ago, the Hon. David Carty ended all ties with this disgraced, when he (the disgraced) tried to strategically land as Parliamentary Speaker through blackmail and misfortune causing chaos and spreading mistrust amongst the Anguilla United Front’s Government; if his application for the position of Anguilla’s first Deputy Governorship was futile – at the same time breaking up his family’s good relations.

In March 2009, the Court ruled against this disgraced on Defamation charges - the court found him GUILTY on LIBEL CHARGES or ‘MALICIOUSLY SCANDALING FALSEHOOD’ on the Government’s and Citizens’ of Anguilla reputation - trumped-up corruption, a claim he failed to substantiate. He later had to pay the government ministers just over $100,000.00.

But we believed that his Dementia signage was apparent from 2003.

In May of 2003, then Justice Ian Donaldson Mitchell CBE QC, now disgraced, slammed the door in the face of a minor whom alleges that the then Prime Minister of Antigua, the Rt. Hon. Lester Bird, grisly raped her. In fact, the Anguillian Judge hadn't bated in his steadfastness to vindicate that brute; all because our very own decent attorney Joyce Kentish representing the minor failed by a matter of minutes to file documents.

The charges against the “Bird” by the minor, which were “masturbated”, were trespass, drug dealing, sexual seduction, negligent invasion and breach of his constitutional duty as Prime Minister of Antigua & Barbuda, abduction, unlawful carnal knowledge, statutory rape and malfeasance in public office - a case that, if justice was served may have set a precedent for wiping out this level of corruption by these set of vile scavengers like the Hon. Hubert Hughes and others.

Ms. Kentish later suffered a Nervous Shock.

My fellow Anguillians…

THINK… Deep!!!

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