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Friday, 15 January 2010


Something remarkable is happening to the Anguilla United Front’s (AUF) campaign right now, and we wanted to share with you the terrific news.

We've seen what happens when the will of the people is swept aside. Corruption and incompetence paralyze their will power and ability to think; where standards are diminished, and the fundamental fairness of our society diminishes to benefit a visionless bunch of no-brainers and their influence-peddlers.

On such trajectory, maintaining good governance and Anguilla’s moral status in the region is personal for all of us; and we are hearing thousands of powerful, incredibly personal reasons why we need to maintain this new era of politics on Anguilla.

The AUF is your government because of years of confusion of interest and the convergence of confusional cynical approach to government from the Opposition; you have decided to put prosperity and stability ahead.

The unintelligent animal, the Hon. Hubert Hughes, has suckered many of us before, which is why we're so outraged and now have gotten the opportunity once again to continue righting a wrong. Never again would we allow fear-mongering, unprofessionalism, incompetence and corruption be elected through a lie on Anguilla.

We've heard from the Anguillian Diaspora and friends about the decades of disunity, hatred, recklessness, emptiness and failures amongst the visionless estranged opposition; and their prostituted cohabitation specifically concocted to intoxicate you, the electorate.

We've heard from ordinary Anguillians from every region and every walk of life who want to once again feel the pride of knowing that our Chief Minister is truly a well learned and knowledgeable capable individual; the last democracy in the free world to commit.

Some people don't believe it can be done. Just as the Hon. Hubert Hughes was in opposition to our revolution; let us demonstrate that this campaign is a movement by Anguillians willing to step up and take personal responsibility for this kind of change. As our support continues to overflow everywhere, you can show them the way by standing up and being counted.

People like you are proving that no matter what any pundit says, this campaign isn't about what happened already -- it's about what's going to happen.

Thank you very much for your generosity and support.

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