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Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Undecided voters are coming out of our events decided and the crowds and energy have been incredible. You can feel it in our campaign across Anguilla - this is something more than a typical political campaign.

Thousands of people are realizing that the continuation of fundamental nation building is within reach. The improbable is now possible in the safe hands of the Anguilla United Front’s (AUF) leadership.

The AUF is your government because of years of confusion of interest and the convergence of confusional cynical approach to government from the Opposition; you have decided to put prosperity and stability ahead.

Now is the time to continue righting a wrong while building steps of success, and being a part of this historic moment on Anguilla with the AUF team of experts. It's critical that this campaign infrastructure awareness eradicates – unprofessionalism, incompetence, recklessness, corruption, immaturity, senility, racism, fear-mongering, failures, parsimoniousness, disgracefulness, molestation and rape – and that such vileness will never be elected on Anguilla again through lies fueled by influence-peddlers.

The challenges and opportunities of today’s marketplace require prepared leadership with clarity, confidence and efficiency to take us forward.

The Hon Victor F. Banks is that kind of special leader with an amazing ability to bring people to the table from across party lines in maintaining stability, tranquility and prosperity on Anguilla. It's humbling and inspiring, but more than anything, it's an awakening for each one of us. It’s a wonderful thing to see what's happening on Anguilla.

But he is the first to admit that this is bigger than him alone.

With such highly qualified leadership and a strategic team of professionals, Anguilla’s destiny is paved. The reality is that the ‘Class of 2010’ must be properly vetted, ‘organized’ and ‘fit for purpose’ on day-1; and if we as a people are not mature and prudent enough to independently elect capable but credible leaders in 2010, then let it be done majestically; especially in this global economic catastrophic state of affairs.

It’s embarrassing for too long now, that while an intelligent globe seeks to select their elite to compete and lead; we are deselecting our elite and electing our non-intelligent animals – as our sisters and brothers in the region laugh at our staged comedy.

But we are taking nothing for granted as we work hard to get every last vote out on Feb -15th. We are not letting up for a minute!

We thank you very much for your generosity and support.

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