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Sunday, 12 December 2010


The Government of Anguilla image is steadily becoming a classic dictatorship - forcing the executive, legislative, and even judicial to transfer powers to an increasingly-erratic Chief Minister and Son junta style leadership, and their close-knit inner circle of influence-peddlers association. This is causing increasing political instability on Anguilla, as the regime attempts to stifle and victimise all opposition and public debate to its autocratic desires.

The incompetents’ (government) contradiction is to reform our Constitution without effective safeguards to fit its motives - defeating constitution and administrative principles; while they claimed that their purpose is to "defend the national sovereignty and territorial integrity" of Anguilla - a barmy called for independence without true democracy... the birth of a dictatorship.

Even more so, the nation is becoming an unrepresented and disenfranchised underclass, where the electorate only role in society is to pay taxes up to a tune of over 300%, show subservience, and obeys the unaccountable political corruption.

It’s been nine (9) months of hell as Anguilla’s overall situation has degenerated to “how low can you go” and government’s quasi-intellectuals failure to advocate a centralized system of government, where all formal trappings of democracy stays in place, while effective power would be the incompetence of a “chief minister and his clone”. This been at a time even when the “double-act” became increasingly erratic with their public lunacy and non-intellectual smoke-screens; as Anguilla’s economy declines at an unprecedented rate to almost a moratorium.

And as rumours of Hubert’s alleged mental and physical illness, and numerous extra-affairs overseas continues, his inner circle of corrupt personal advisors became the country's unofficial and unelected government, with the wishful-thinking handpicked proxy Deputy Chief Ministers to play the role of puppet heads of Anguilla's executive branch.

The question is: Is the United Kingdom (UK) Government complicit in Anguilla’s demise? This means that Anguillians “may” have a case against the UK Government at the European Court of Justice.

Anguilla is, without a doubt, the most tense and unstable British Overseas Territory since February 15, 2010... definitely a downgraded laugh-at-stock in the Caribbean!

It’s unbelievable!

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